Unemployment will Decrease Through Industry 4.0

DateApril-May, 2017 Print

Ali Rıza Ersoy, Turkey General Manager and Executive Board Member of Siemens, made the opening speech of Win Eurasi Automation Fair which collected 4 different fairs under one roof.

Underlining that the brain power has taken the place of muscle power, Ersoy has talked about a social transformation. Why are we dealing with Industry 4.0? Asking this question, Ali Rıza Ersoy continued: “The industrial kingdom, which is in the hands of the west, will pass into the hands of the east, so the west must do something so that the east can’t imitate it anymore. For this:

  1. Speed
  2. Flexibility
  3. Efficiency

“If we fulfill these three conditions, we can stop the industrial kingdom going to east. You will withdraw people from the system in order to make manufacturing cheaper. 4.0 says that it wants to benefit from your brain power now, not your muscle power. So, we call the transition from muscle strength to brain power as 4.0. This is also very humane.”

Ersoy said that talk of worldwide use of Cyber Physical System and 4.0 technology was discussed for the first time in 2013, and he explained the future developments required for Industry 4.0. He noted that robots in Turkey have been commissioned, citing the system established by Arçelik company as an example. “In environments where robots work together with machines, security will become more important,” he said.

Giving examples from Siemens’ factory in Amberg, Germany, Ersoy underlined that globalized products will be manufactured throughout the world in the future. He explained the situation of Industry 4.0 in Turkey: “None of our neighbors has well-established universities like ours, and none of them has reached our development level. We can improve the west as the production base of Eurasia. If we all carry out our tasks, we’ll get rid of the middle-level development bog.”

Unemployment Will Decrease

“We anticipate that unemployment will decrease thanks to Industry 4.0,” Ersoy said. “We estimate with our experience of many years that new business lines will emerge and unemployment will not increase. In retrospect, when computers were invented, it was said that people would be unemployed and replaced with computers. However, more than 50 business lines emerged through computers’ taking place in business life. Therefore, the development of new technologies will not increase unemployment but on the contrary. Robots will do the heavy works of humans and we will obtain a working environment which has more humane conditions. We must prepare ourselves for the future as more qualified people by fulfilling our tasks.