Turkey ASFED’s Efforts in Kayseri

DateNovember-December 2020 by Yeliz Karakütük Print

The Turkey Elevator Industrialists Federation (Turkey ASFED), which adjourned its regular bimonthly board meetings due to the pandemic, met in Kayseri on September 4, 2020. The Federation also met with sector representatives from Kayseri at an event hosted by the Kayseri Elevator and Escalator Industrialists Association (KAYSAD).

Main agenda items of the board meeting were the CNR Eurasia Elevator Exhibition, which has been postponed, and the opening of Kayseri Elevator Academy. The attendees expressed their opinions about the new elevator academies, which will be built in 2021.

Kayseri Elevator Academy is Ready

Based on the protocol signed between Turkey ASFED and the Ministry of National Education, and the decision taken for opening elevator departments at vocational and technical high schools, the third Elevator Academy, which is Kayseri Elevator Academy, was opened for the new academic year, as promised. The workshop at Kayseri Turkey ASFED Elevator Academy, Kocasinan Ayşe Baldöktü Vocational Training Center, is equipped with the latest technology elevator systems, and an environment where students may receive hands-on training has been provided.

The Turkey ASFED board of directors met in Kayseri to make an assessment of the situation and talk about the opening. The board announced that the academy was ready for the 2020-2021 academic year and will start its activities when the students are allowed into the classrooms.

The academy was completed with all its equipment and installations through the cooperation of Turkey ASFED and KAYSAD. Various outstanding elevator brands, especially Kayseri brands, gave support to the project.

Atik: “These academies indicate the power of the domestic elevator industry”

Following the meeting, the Turkey ASFED board of directors visited Kayseri Elevator Academy and made an assessment of the project. The board members stated that the academy, equipped with all kinds of systems, would make important contributions for elevator training. ASFED CEO Yusuf Atik thanked all domestic elevators brands that supported the project, and said, “These academies indicate the power of our domestic elevator industry. There is an investment of at least one and a half million in this class. I would like to thank all the contributing brands on behalf of Turkey ASFED.”

Kayseri Elevator Academy will also give training to the industry

Kayseri Elevator Academy will provide various contributions to the region. In addition to providing proper practical information to students from experts, Kayseri Academy will be the only test center of the region. It is also an industrial investment, where development and adaptation courses will be held for employees of the industry. Domestic elevator companies that supported Turkey ASFED’s academies also make contributions for the development of the Turkish elevator industry.

The Number of Academies will be Five in 2021-2022

Another important decision was raised at the meeting. The cities where new Turkey ASFED Elevator Academies will be opened have been determined. After the interviews with schools in Gaziantep and Samsun, which have shown their demand for a long time, these two cities were determined as the places where new Turkey ASFED Elevator Academies would be established. Based on this target, the number of Turkey ASFED Elevator Academies will be increased to five in the years 2021-2022.

Meeting the industry representatives

After the board meeting, the Federation met with the industry representative at the meeting room of Kayseri Chamber of Trade. The meeting attended by KAYSAD board members and the directors of the member companieswas held under provisions that necessary measures specified by the Ministry of Health were taken.

Turkey ASFED Managing Director Gülay Pala made the opening speech of the meeting and gave information about the construction process of Kayseri Elevator Academy, which was planned to be open in the coming days. Pala thanked everyone who contributed, worked personally and gave moral and material support.

Atik: “It is time for Kayseri to create a global brand”

Turkey ASFED CEO Yusuf Atik, who made the second speech of the meeting, underlined the significant added value Kayseri creates for the elevator and escalator industry, and congratulated all colleagues for their success. Atik also said, “It is time for Kayseri to create a global brand, as we have a domestic elevator industry that may manufacture high-quality products with high technology.”

Atik: “We cannot take a share from national economy if we do not brand and increase recognition”

Atik said, “Being Turkey’s biggest elevator and escalator organization, we contribute to the development of the industry with important infrastructure works, especially education. However, we cannot achieve it without the support of the member companies. In order to carry out such works, the companies should support their associations and the associations should continue supporting Turkey ASFED. As Turkey ASFED, we are ready to do whatever we can. We have made great efforts to include the elevator and escalator industry in the strategic industries category. Besides, many companies that want to make investments received the advantage of stimulus packages, and they still do. We have been reminding all of the need for branding for more than two years. We cannot take a share from national economy if we do not brand and increase recognition.” In his speech, Atik emphasized that the powerful companies should merge in order to survive the competition of global companies.

Turkey ASFED General Secretary Hüsnü Gökgöz, Turkey ASFED Accounting Officer Nuri Kuzan, Turkey ASFED Board Members Muzaffer Hızarcı, Özcan Toprak and Kerim Mahsereci, Turkey ASFED Deputy Zeynep Tepegöz, Turkey ASFED Education Committee Member Rasime Sazak, and KAYSAD Members Hakan Satılmış, Akif İlgen, Mehmet Ayata, Mesut Gökçeoğlu, Ali Mazıcıoğlu, Ali Ağaç, Mustafa Rıza Yıldırım and Veysi Alptekin attended the meeting.