Teachers and Students from Ankara to Visit Europe for Training

DateJanuary-February 2020 Print

Teachers and students from the Electric and Electronic Technologies department of Ankara Güvercinlik Şehit Hasan Gülhan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School will get training on Secure Elevator Installation Techniques in 3 European countries between March 1 and June 20, 2020.

The Erasmus KA102 project, prepared by the high school Department Head Ergin Hiçyılmaz and Chief Workshop Manager Anıl Şenol, under the responsibility of School Manager Nihat Şimdi, was approved in recent months by the Turkish National Agency. Within this scope, internships and employee training and practice will be given to the teachers and students of Electric and Electronic Technologies in Elevator Systems with partner organizations under EU standards and occupational safety, in order to teach “Secure Elevator Installation Techniques” and gain EU work discipline.

Within this one-year project, 18 students from the Electric and Electronic Technologies in Elevator Systems department will do internship in 3 groups and will be accompanied by three teachers from the related field. Eight teachers from the related field will also attend a practice-based mobility program, which covers on-the-job investigation activities, in three groups.

The project will cover three countries in six streams: three streams attended by the teachers and three streams attended by the students. The dates of the events are as follows:

  • From March1 to 21, 2020: Six students plus one accompanying person, three weeks in Prague, Czech Republic
  • From March 27 to April 18, 2020: Six students plus one accompanying person, three weeks in Bucharest, Romania
  • From May 31 to June 20, 2020: Two teachers, one week in Heidelberg, Germany

Additionally, three teachers will attend the last weeks of the event in Romania and the Czech Republic, and two teachers in Germany, in order to monitor the training of the students onsite, and to transfer the relevant information to the next generation students.

The target is to gain occupational safety discipline in EU standards

Throughout the project, which aims to teach occupational safety discipline of EU standards in elevator installation, the participants are expected to gain innovative key skills to support their professional careers. The project, which will contribute to gaining the ability to work in multilingual and multicultural environments, also targets providing internship opportunities for the students in specialized institutions, and helping them gain qualifications and receive certificates that will pave the way for their qualified employment in the elevator industry while increasing their self-confidence.

Through the training kit that will be prepared and the Elevator Academy that will be opened, the school is expected to provide innovative educational opportunities throughout the region and the country.

Internship in Europe will pave the way for students

Department Head Ergin Hiçyılmaz made a declaration, saying, “Our school is the one that has been providing training on Elevator Systems since 2002 and has produced the greatest number of students in Ankara, and the also one that has the most-qualified teachers in the field. Our 240 students get only theoretical and practical training in elevator installation and maintenance with limited opportunities, far from actual working conditions. Most of the foremen in the companies that our students do internship are not graduated from a formal course on elevators. Additionally, due to factors like time constraints, incremental costs and the desire for making more profit, the companies neglect occupational safety issues. Our students cannot get hands-on training that is the basis for training on elevators, but they only get training that is far from a scientific basis. As a result, most of our students are alienated from their occupation thinking that their life safety is in danger. Getting training in EU standards will help our students, who will be the foremen of the future, to create modern and proper working conditions in accordance with vocational safety techniques. Getting training on ‘Secure Installation Techniques’ in European standards paves the way for our students and helps their employment.

“Our school is at the heart of Ankara’s biggest industrial zones, which is an advantageous place. Our teachers give several trainings on elevators to formal-education students and open high school students, and give vocational courses to prisoners in semi-open prisons, give courses in UMEM and İŞKUR, and participate in certification exams.

“However, due to the ineffectiveness of the industry, our teachers cannot follow the latest developments in ‘Secure Installation Techniques.’ Our teachers also need to experience work discipline in EU standards and to develop their knowledge, skills, experience and vocational competency.”

Definition of the Project:

“Secure Installation Techniques for Elevators” with the number ERASMUS+ 2019-1-TR01-KA102-068250

General Objectives of the Project

The objectives of the project, which will enable students to become a qualified workforce that directs the industry through internship training, and will help them become employed after they achieve vocational competence in EU standards, are:

  • The ability to work in multilingual and multicultural environments
  • To gain EU occupational safety discipline and EU consciousness.
  • Improving the competencies of the teachers in relation to their professional profiles,
  • Enriching the content of the curriculum through “The Training Kit for Secure Installation Techniques for Elevators”

To ensure modernization in trainings through the “Elevator Academies” that will be opened in schools, to create opportunities for professional and career development, and to increase the quality, innovativeness, capacity, and the preferability of the school.