Schindler Turkey Organizes Opening Event for its New Head Office

DateJuly-August 2019 by Yasin Eker Print

On April 15 2019, Schindler Turkey moved to their new office that they purchased at Ağaoğlu My Newwork building in Istanbul Ataşehir, and organized an opening cocktail on June 20 with participation by Switzerland Consul General for Istanbul, Nathalie Marti.

Zafer Kabadayı, General Manager of Schindler Türkeli Asansör, made a welcome speech and said, “I had the opportunity to do very good things during my career life. I made lots of speeches, but I have never been that nervous. This is a very important for us. As Schindler, we operate in more than 100 countries and work with more than 65,000 people. Within our history of 145 years, we started our journey in Turkey in 1947. Since 1992, our capital structure is 100% Swiss.”

“We grew more than 20% each year”

Kabadayı stated that Switzerland reminds everyone of precious watches, the banking industry and chocolate, and said, “Switzerland also reminds us of precise engineering, high quality and technology. Schindler also represents these characteristics of Switzerland. We combined these features with the young, dynamic and ambitious characteristics of our company and achieved growth of more than 20 percent each year. As a family-owned business dealing with elevators and escalators, our values have always been very important for us, more than any other thing.”

“We have been the leading elevator company of our company”

Kabadayı continued his speech and said, “We have been the leading elevator company in our country through adding value to our employees and customers without sacrificing safety and quality. We have carried out several prestigious and mega project,s including the Istanbul Airport and the award-winning building where our office is in.

“We will grow more with you”

Lastly, Kabadayı said, “Our investment journey started with the Schindler Academy and Training Center in Gebze in 2014. Schindler Group has always had a strong faith and trust in Turkey. We continue our investments depending on this trust.”

He added, “We are happy and proud of realizing our new investment in our building, which was awarded by Liftinstituut Solutions with the “The Best Elevator Installation Award” last year. We have always felt your support while making our investments. I would like to thank you all. We will grow more with your support.”

About the Head Office

Schindler Turkey’s Head Office, equipped with the latest technology, provides a pleasant and flexible working experience. The office has two floors with a 3,000-square-meter area. Schindler’s head office is at the 16th and 17th floors of My Newwork building, which has 21 floors. It is a smart building by European standards.