Otis Turkey Supports Highly Intelligent and Gifted Students

DateMarch-April 2020 Print

Otis Turkey carried out a new social responsibility project. Otis Turkey repaired the elevators of the Science and Arts Center, which is located in İzmir Konak and could not be repaired and maintained due to lack of funds for three years. Otis returned them to service for the students and the teachers.

At the Science and Arts Center, where highly intelligent and gifted students are trained, 800 students between the ages 8 and 15 are trained by 32 teachers in a seven-story building. Otis, which has previously carried out several social responsibility projects, took action after hearing the news about the school in November 2019, and undertook the repair and maintenance of elevators. First of all, the elevators, which were out of order for three years were technically inspected. After making repairs and providing spare parts, Otis contacted MMO and inspections were carried out. Following the inspections, the deficiencies detected were eliminated and the units began functioning as soon as possible. After labeling the elevators, equipped specialists of the region were assigned for their periodic maintenance.

“We will always support the Science and Arts Center”

Otis Turkey President Özgür Aren said, “We read in the newspapers that the elevators at the school were closed and we immediately got in contact with the management of the school. Unfortunately, we learned that the elevators were out-of-order for three years. We started thinking how we might help them. Our Technical teams inspected the equipment and made replacements and modifications. We have also got directly in touch with the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers for the technical inspection of the elevators. We will always support the students of the Science and Arts Center.”

We raise awareness of children “at an early age”

Stating that they always act with the responsibility of being the industry leader, Otis Turkey President Özgür Aren said, “We see incorrect use of elevators and escalators in public places like shopping malls, cinemas and theaters in Turkey. As Otis, we have initiated a social responsibility project called ‘Mr. Otis’ in order to teach children how to use these devices safely at an early age and to raise awareness among parents. Our target group consists of preschoolers, children between the ages 7-10 and parents. Our project, which was initially implemented in Kanyon and İstinye Park 2013, is still carried on successfully. We have also received very positive reactions for our project carried out in Resim Istanbul Housing Project in 2015. Through our event in Akasya Acıbadem this year, we are happy to inform more children and parents about the correct use of these devices and teach them the things they should pay attention to. As Otis Turkey, we will always be leading the market and fulfilling our responsibilities to future generations.”