An Otis Library in Usak

DateMarch-February 2019 Print

Otis Turkey added a new one to their support within the context of social responsibility projects. Together with the Bir Çocuk Bir Umut Association, founded with the purpose of providing equal opportunities in education, it supplied books, toys and stationery equipment to the Uşak Recep Dinç Primary and Secondary School.

In cooperation with the Turkish Undergraduate Women’s Association, Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey, LÖSEV [The Foundation for Children with Leukemia] and Tohum Autism Foundation, Otis Turkey has started yet another project through the agency of Bir Çocuk Bir Umut [One Child One Hope] Association. The employees of Otis Turkey, who put a smile on children’s faces with the books, toys and stationery equipment, also continue to support social responsibility projects by volunteering in associations, running marathons, making booth sales and planning pre-internship training programs.

In the schools they have chosen with the purpose of providing equal opportunity in education, Bir Çocuk Bir Umut Association carries out activities that provide different benefits for children such as origami, dental screening and games of strategy, along with educational activities for science and literature. They had long been planning to support the undersupplied library of Recep Dinç Primary and Secondary School in Uşak, Sivaslı. The shortcomings were determined together with Otis and an aid campaign had been started. With the support of the employees, children’s books, stationery equipment and toys for smaller children were collected and sent to the village on 23 November 2018.

Otis Turkey is expected to set an example for the elevator sector with the social responsibility projects it carries out. Chief Executive Özgür Aren indicated in his related statement that, ‘As a company, we place importance on corporate social responsibility projects. We hope for other companies to carry out active social responsibility projects at least within the sectors they operate. As Otis Turkey, we continue supporting the activities of different associations aside from our ‘Mr. Otis’ project, through which we teach children the safe use of elevators and escalators.’