A New Era For Asfed: Two Vice Presidents

DateJuly-August 2019 Print

The ordinary meeting of the general assembly of the Elevator Industrialists’ Association (ASFED) was held at its headquarters in Ankara on June 15, 2019. Yusuf Atik has again been elected as the Chairman of Executive Board, while Ahmet Fikret Gökhan, President of the All Elevator Industrialists and Businessman Association (TASIAD), and Mustafa Demirbağ, Chairman of ANASDER, have been named vice presidents of the federation.

The general assembly, which was held with large participation, opened with the stand of silence and the national anthem. During the general assembly, coordinated by Seyfi Aydınoğlu, the president of council, and the secretary members Zeynep Tepegöz and Ali Yılmaz, Yusuf Atik made a welcome speech during which he expressed his pleasure for the huge participation.

After the agenda of the general assembly was read by Gülay Pala, ASFED Manager, İsmail Yiğit, vice president of the Federation, read the activities carried out by the Federation between the years 2017 and 2019. Educational activities, visits, decisions taken in board meetings and related steps were all mentioned during the session.

İsmail Yiğit also gave information about the exhibitions and other activities, and spoke and presented slides about activities in which the federation took part or supported.

“Turkey” phrase will be used at the beginning of the federation’s name

Yiğit informed the participants about the issue considering placing “Turkey” phrase at the beginning of the federations name and the name-registration process. The members were also informed about the magazine “Habaer Asansörü” published by the federation.

The activities carried out by committees established under the framework of the Federation were presented to the members. This included detailed information regarding activities of the Education Committee, Exhibition Committee and Technical Committee.

Finally, an introductory film about the Federation was watched, and was appreciated by the members.

The Number of Board Numbers decreases to 11 from 15

After reading the activity report, secretary member and independent financial adviser Ali Yılmaz declared the account statements the last two years. Then, Mersin Elevator Industrialists Association President and the member of the Supervisory Board Muzaffer Hizarcı read the Activity Report of the Board of Supervisors.

Members shared their opinions, and then the amendments considering the Federation Rules were discussed. Secretary member Zeynep Tepegöz informed the members about the topic and, following a vote, the number of Board Members was decreased to 11 from 15.

Full Members and Substitute Members were elected in a single list afterward. The new management was unanimously elected for two years through an open vote. During this period, Yusuf Atik will be the president for one year, then TASIAD President Ahmet Fikret Gökhan will take on the task for the second year.

Official Members of the new Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors are:

Board of Directors

  • Yusuf Atik (ANASDER)
  • Ahmet Fikret Gökhan (TASİAD)
  • Nuri Kuzan (KAYSAD)
  • Mustafa Uçar (TASİAD)
  • Hüsnü Gökgöz (AKASDER)
  • Mustafa Demirbağ (ANASDER)
  • Sebahattin Baki (DOKAS)
  • İbrahim Özçakır (ESASDER)
  • Murat Emre Üstün (TASİAD)
  • Özcan Toprak (MASDER)
  • Nermin Boyacıoğlu (AYSKAD)

Board of Supervisors

  • Cem Bozdağ (BURSAD)
  • Muzaffer Hizarcı (MASDER)
  • Ayhan Bilgiç (AKASDER)
  • ASFED Chairman of the Executive Board: Yusuf ATİK
  • ASFED Vice Chairman: Ahmet Fikret GÖKHAN
  • ASFED Vice Chairman: Mustafa DEMİRBAĞ
  • ASFED Secretary General: Hüsnü GÖKGÖZ
  • ASFED Treasurer: Nuri KUZAN

After the election of new management, commercial enterprise activities of 2018 voted on and accepted unanimously.

Atik; “I expect a huge performance from the new team.”

After the elections, Chairman Yusuf Atik held the floor and expressed his wishes and desires. He conveyed his thanks to the people who held roles in the old management and stated that he expected a huge performance from the new team. He also gave information on the branding activities, which are on the agenda of the federation, and said that the federation has taken the necessary initiatives on the issue. He said the approval of the ministry was expected.

Gökhan; “We have some ideas and projects”

Ahmet Fikret Gökhan took the floor and made a made speech during which he extended his thanks and said, “We have some ideas and very attractive projects. However, I also need your support and opinions.”

The General Assembly adjourned after the lunch with the participants.