Zorlu at its New Home

DateNovember-December, 2017 Print

The leading safety components manufacturer in the sector, Zorlu Asansör, moved its production in Umraniye and Cekmekoy to its new facility with 1,700 m2 area on August 1, 2017.

Founded as a family business by İsmail Melih Zorlu on May 12, 2000, Zorlu Asansör plans to achieve its aims in a shorter period in its new facility for the year 2018. The company plans to produce brake and regulator solutions for the narrow elevator shafts in renovations of European cities, and thus will continue to expand its team and machinery.

Melih Zorlu, Chairman of Zorlu Asansör, said that the company sells its products in nearly 50 countries, and he underlined that it specializes especially in the production of sliding safety systems. Zorlu added, “In the fast-growing age of technology, making no headway means to go back, now. We continue to participate in almost all major exhibitions in the sector. While following this development closely, we have made some decisions in the manner of increasing our capacity and growing in the direction of positive comments and demands of visitors, despite the negative situation of the domestic market.”

Melih Zorlu drew attention to the problems that may arise in the application process with the use of new products, while elevators have, in theory, been becoming more secure with the new regulations and standards. He said, “The collective use and adjustment of correct products is important for smooth elevators. We aim to arrange training sessions on this topic in our new facility regarding the control, installation and maintenance of the products within the scope of our expertise.”

Finally, Zorlu stated, “We have succeeded in producing a sliding brake with a nominal speed of 2.5 m/s in 2008, and we now aim to complete the R&D process on a high-capacity sliding brake with a speed of 4.0 m/s in our new facility, in order to increase competitiveness and prestige globally. We aim to start production in a short period of time.”