Vocational Education Support from Merih Asansör

DateMarch-April 2018 Print

Merih Asansör supplied cabins and doors on 7 February 2018 for the completion of hands-on training of students in Güvercinlik Şehit Hasan Gülhan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Electro Mechanical Carriers Department.

Five elevator doors and an elevator cabin were supplied for the application workshop as part of the company’s social responsibility project support. The application workshop gives the students technical information and is aimed at boosting their sectoral experience.

“We are ready to give every kind of support to vocational high schools”

In addressing vocational education, Yusuf Atik, Merih Asansör Board Chairman, stated that vocational high schools play an important role in having fully-equipped personnel in the workforce. Atik added, “We are aware of the fact that having qualified personnel means having proper education. Within this purpose, we are ready to give every kind of support in vocational high schools to train the required personnel of the future.”

“Our purpose is to train qualified personnel for the sector”

Conveying his thanks to the support given by Merih Asansör, teacher Ergin Hiçyılmaz said that schools can provide an up-to-date, high-technology education as long as vocational high schools work in collaboration with the private sector. Under this concept, Hiçyılmaz said the school modified its application workshops in compliance with the needed education through the help of Merih Asansör, and added, “The elevator department is newly developing within vocational high school programs. Its place, importance and value are being appreciated day by day, and our purpose is to train qualified personnel for the sector. For this reason, hands-on workshop training is significant for us. We are able to provide hands-on training on cabins and doors in workshops now, thanks to Mr. Atik’s support. In this way, our students can reach the same level as the maintenance and assembly personnel in the market.”

“Hands-on workshop trainings are an advantage for me, too”

Conveying his thanks to Merih Asansör for the opportunity to take hands-on training, Serdar Furkan Akçay, a student from 11th grade, said, “I have always been interested in elevators since my childhood. I wanted to have this interest as my job in the future when I start high school. I want to take place as a qualified person in the sector. Hands-on workshop trainings are an advantage for me, too. After graduation, I will not face anything that I have not seen before.”