Training on Using Elevators and Escalators For Students

DateNovember-December,2018 Print

The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) and Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO) Izmir Branches gave training on the use of elevators and escalators for students on 18 October 2018, in conjunction with the Elevator Symposium and Exhibition.

Training on the “Safe Use of Elevators and Escalators / Tapes” for the purpose of raising awareness about the use of elevators and escalators for the 3rd-grade students was given by Bülent Çarşıbaşı, member of the EMO Izmir Branch Elevator Commission.

In the training, the students of the 21st Century Karşıyaka College were first shown a film about what should and should not be done during the use of elevators and escalators, after which a mini-exam was applied to students by Bülent Çarşıbaşı. Following the question-and-answer period, Çarşıbaşı gave the students practical training on the escalators of the Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center regarding the use of stairs.

At the end of the training, the “Secure User Certificate” was given to the students.