thyssenkrupp’s MULTI Elevator System Cabin Wins Award

DateJanuary-February, 2018 Print

thyssenkrupp’s MULTI elevator system cabin has won the German Design Award 2018 in the category “Buildings and Elements” from the German Design Council. The prestigious design prize will be awarded to winners in all categories on February 9, 2018, in Germany

The design award, presented by the German Design Council, is regarded as one of the internationally leading awards for groundbreaking design concepts.

The cabin’s design concept, built by Composyst GmbH, had been developed by the Junior Professorship in Industrial Design Engineering at Technische Universität Dresden. The lighting concept and the interface were created by the design agency Neongrau. Transparent and lightweight, the cabin is being displayed in the lobby of the thyssenkrupp test tower for high-speed elevators at Rottweil, Germany.

“The MULTI elevator system does not just move vertically, but also horizontally. The futuristic cabin design mirrors the revolutionary technology as well as the truly iconic interface,” the German Design Award team comments.

Revolutionary Technology and Design

“With ropeless MULTI, it does not matter whether your journey goes upward, downward or sideways. The elevator, which is still being tested, will revolutionize the whole industry. Hence, thyssenkrupp explored new methods regarding the elevator design. Talking to prospective customers revealed a strong interest in displaying the transparent elevator technology offered by MULTI, with its view of elevator shaft and the entire building.

Dr. Thomas Kuczera, Head of Mechanical Development of the MULTI, says: “It was quite difficult to develop a lightweight cabin, much lighter than the weight-optimized linear motor, and with a modern and transparent design.”

Stefan Utecht, Managing Director at Composyst GmbH, explains: “The innovative material is as strong as steel, but weighs a third less than alloy.” 🌐