thyssenkrupp Has Opened Germany’s Highest Observation Terrace For Visitors

DateNovember-December, 2017 Print

thyssenkrupp had its test tower examined in Rottweil, where rope-free and high-speed elevators are tested, and opened it to visitors on 7 October 2017. Guests can enjoy Black Forest and Swabian Alps views for a full 360 degrees on the 232-m-high terrace.

Currently operating at full capacity, the thyssenkrupp test tower is a new tourism center as well as the symbol of engineering, development and innovation. Nearly three years after the groundbreaking ceremony, the observation terrace, Germany’s tallest viewing platform, was opened for the use of visitors for the first time.

thyssenkrupp R&D CEO Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger, thyssenkrupp Elevator CEO Andreas Schierenbeck, and Rottweil Mayor Ralf Broß opened the 232-m-high platform with 360-degree-view, together with Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann, Rottweil-Tuttlingen district Bundestag member Volker Kauder and the architects, Werner Sobek and Helmut Jahn.

thyssenkrupp Elevator CEO Andreas Schierenbeck expressed his excitement, saying, “The opening of the test tower is an incredible feeling for me” and added that “almost everything went right throughout the construction process. I am proud, as the project ended on time and within the planned budget. Our employees have already started fieldwork for high-speed elevators.” Stressing the fact that the building is the symbol of every kind of development, Schierenbeck explained “the test tower allowed thyssenkrupp Elevator to make radical changes in the global elevator industry.”

The CEO of thyssenkrupp R&D, Heinrich Hiesinger, defined the tower as “the future laboratory of the new period in elevator technology and an outstanding example of thyssenkrupp’s innovative power and engineering abilities. Hiesinger also stated that the company invested roughly EUR40 million in total for the tower’s construction.

Rottweil Mayor Ralf Broß said the “test tower is an innovation symbol. Many people living here identify themselves with this structure. People showed a great deal of interest in visiting the tower from the very first day. thyssenkrupp constructed the viewing platform for this reason. The keys for this success are cultural openness of the company and keen participation of the people. The test tower turned Rottweil into a forward-looking business center and, at the same time, increased the touristic charm of the region.”

About the Tower

The tower is in 40,000 ton-weight, with more than 2,500 tons in weight steel. The polymer-coated structure makes the building “eye-catching” and protects it from intense sunlight while minimizing its movement by deflecting wind.

The test tower is part of Germany’s biggest innovation center in terms of elevator technology, along with the elevator production facility in Neuhausen auf den Fildern. More than 10,000 students from university cities including Zurich, Munich and Stuttgart, participate in R&D studies.

Among the attention-catching advanced technologies tested in Rottweil is MULTI, thyssenkrupp’s latest generation, rope-less elevator system.