Third Robot Investments Summit

DateNovember-December, 2017 Print

The Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition, which opened its doors for the third time this year, was held on 4-6 October 2017 in Yeşilköy, İstanbul, with the participation of 84 companies. A great number of participant companies found the chance of making new business contacts.

Bringing together the sector professionals and the companies that aim to use robots or increase the number of robots in their production processes, the event was expanded by 26% on the basis of visitors. Several presentations were made during the three-day-summit with its 3,870 participants this year. The presentations especially focused on cost reductions by modernization of the production processes.

Participant company booths displayed their application samples at the summit, which was free for technical authorities of the plants responsible for the processes of production, investment and maintenance and purchasing.

Potential investors from each of Turkey’s regions met at the Summit

The event organized by the largest robotic automation fair of the world, Automatica, brought industrialists from Turkey’s different regions together. According to the distribution rate of the visitors to the event, Marmara region was placed on the top with 79%. Central Anatolia had 7% and then came the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Visitors from neighboring countries along with Turkey were also present for the event.

Target visitors and participant companies were brought together

The summit, with a different structure compared to the standard exhibition concepts, aimed to bring the proper visitors together with the participant companies, and kept out-of-sector visitor profiles at the minimum level. In the Third Robot Investments Summit and Exhibition, 18% of the visitors were General Manager/Assistants, including the people in charge of the production processes at their facilities. The majority of the audience was made up of electrical engineers, project managers and product managers.

Industry presentations were followed with interest

During the three-day event, 84 exhibitors made 67 presentations. In the professional presentations, while the recent state of robot technology was shared with the participants, the presentations in the concept of a company profile did not get much attention. The participants and visitors requesting the removal of the simultaneous presentation in the summit followed the presentations about investment costs and investment return time with interest. 🌐