The Number of ASFED Member Associations Increases from 13 to 15

DateNovember-December 2018 Print

The Elevator Industrialists Federation (ASFED) approved the membership of elevator associations from two different provinces at its board meeting held on 15 September 2018 in Ankara.

Elevator Industrialists Federation (ASFED), which is the most powerful and comprehensive structure of the elevator industry, approved the application of Kırıkkale Elevator Association (KIRASDER), which has been operating in Kırıkkale for two years, and Malatya Elevator and Escalator Industrialists Association (MASDER), which is newly established in Malatya (MASDER), allowing them to become member associations of the federation.

The training of firefighters continues

The Federation, whose number of member associations has increased from 13 to 15, continues to make an indelible impression with its exemplary projects and successful public activities. During the meeting, at which it was decided to continue the social responsibility project initiated in order to draw attention to the correct rescue works in the recently increasing elevator accidents and to increase awareness on this issue through organizing new training programs, it was announced that new training activities would be started in Denizli, Kayseri, and Mersin under the coordination of Board of Directors Members Muharrem Ödemiş, Muzaffer Hızarcı and Nuri Kuzan.

On 12 March 2018, the Federation provided training to 150 firefighters working at the Ankara Fire Brigade of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for 3 days under the title, “Elevator Recovery Techniques.”

Financial Support from the Chairman for the Education Project

Support from the sector continues for the training project that ASFED carries out with the Ministry of National Education. Within this scope, meeting with the leading companies of the sector in Konya, the Board of Directors stated satisfaction regarding the unity and solidarity of the sector for the educational projects, which are very important for the future of the sector.

Yusuf Atik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASFED, expressed satisfaction regarding the spirit of this unity in the sector, and announced that he decided to make an individual donation to the education project of ASFED. Atik was the first person to donate money to the project, with an individual initiative independent of all his identities.

Public Works for the Use of National Elevator Materials is Performed

Another agenda item of the meeting was the decision to carry out an awareness-raising activity by the elevator sector for the public. In the meeting, studies were carried out in relation to the presentation of informative works prepared for related institutions and organizations and construction companies.

Yusuf Atik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASFED, repeated his call for unity of the sector and stated that “There are incentives, directives and legislative regulations on the use of national production goods. However, we, as the sector, are under pressure due to imported products. These regulations and efforts need to be implemented and supported by the bureaucracy in order to give results. We must do our part in this matter.”

The meeting was ended by evaluating the agenda of the next meeting with the wishes and desires and reading the decisions taken to the Board of Directors.

ASFED Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Abdurrahman Aksöz, ASFED General Secretary Hüsnü Gökgöz, ASFED Accountant Nuri Kuzan, ASFED Board of Directors Members Muzaffer Hızarcı, İbrahim Özçakır, Muharrem Ödemiş, Hakan Başkaraağaç, Nermin Boyacıoğlu, ASFED Advocate Zeynep Tepegöz, ASFED Financial Counsel Ali Yılmaz, ASFED Administrative Director Gülay Pala and İsmail Yiğit attended the Board of Directors Meeting.