The Fastest Elevator in the World from Mitsubishi Electric

DateMarch-February 2019 Print

Mitsubishi Electric produces the fastest elevators in the world, which travel 1,230 meters in a minute. This technology is available in one of three ultra-high-speed elevators in Shanghai Tower, which, at 632 meters, is the tallest building in China.

Mitsubishi Electric, which broke three Guinness World Records in the Fastest and Tallest Elevator category in 2016, installed three elevator models in Shanghai Tower, which is the tallest building in China. Developing the elevator technology, which reaches speeds of 20.5 meters in a second and 1,230 meters in a minute, the company stated that according to Mitsubishi Electric research dated the 10 May 2016, this level was the fastest elevator speed in the world. For the project, a total of 114 units of elevators were delivered, with three of the ultra-high-speed elevators present. The other two elevators in the project can reach 1,080 meters in a minute.

The speed improvement by Mitsubishi Electric has been achieved thanks to new equipment developments, composed of the control panel and speed regulator, that bring the traction performance of the machine to the top level, and safety-device improvements, such as the brake system and the buffer. When the elevator is equipped with the new equipment, it can reach the observation terrace on the 119th floor from the second level basement in only 53 seconds.

The three records were granted to Mitsubishi Electric, which delivered 114 units of elevators to the Shanghai Tower by Guinness World Records Ltd. The records are:

Tallest elevator in a building: Two emergency elevators in the length of 578.55 meters between the third basement floor and the 121st floor

Fastest elevator: The elevator that can reach the observation deck on the 119th floor from the second basement floor in only 53 seconds reaches a speed of 73.8 km/h, or 1,230 m/min.

The fastest double-deck elevator: Eight elevator units can reach the 101th hotel lobby from the ground floor at 600 m/min. and 38 km/h

In addition, within the scope of the project, 64 elevators having a speed of 150 to 480 m/min., including 2 emergency elevators traveling a total of 578.55 meters were supplied. These include a total of 20 double-deck elevators, 8 of which reach a speed of 600 m/min., and 27 low-speed elevators, with a speed of 105 m/min.

About Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower is located in the Pudong Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone in Shanghai. In the building, 632 m. in height, offices, one hotel, conference and exhibition halls, restaurants, trade, culture, and tourist facilities are present.