The Board of Turkish and Arab Businessmen meets in TURAB Fair

DateJanuary-February 2018 Print

The first Fair of Turkish-Arab Realty, Project, Investment and Financing, and the fourth Fair of Building-Construction Tools and Technologies, Interior Decoration, Furniture Fair, Partnership Procurement Committee Organization were held by TURAB Fair Organization Corp. (TURABEXPO) on 6-8 December 2017 in Pendik Greenpark Hotel.

The opening of the organization with the purpose of producing projects with Turkey and Arab countries, bringing Turkish and Arab businessmen together, visiting Arab countries and bringing The Board of Turkish and Arab Businessmen together in Turkey and abroad — with the support of Turkish-Arab Partnership Association (TÜRAP) — was made by Associate Professor Hasan Ali Çelik, the Deputy Minister of Science, Industry and Technology.

More than 1,000 Arab and Turkish businessmen participated in the organization. Participants from the Elevator Sector were also present at the organization in which local and foreign participants exhibited their products in the stands set in the fair arena, which gave the opportunity for bilateral negotiations. Merih Elevator, Fupa Lift and Ceyas Elevator came together with Argeset, Kağıttan İşler, Önder Elevator, Özray and SRL Lift under the roof of the Elevator Promotion Organization (EPO), and promoted their products. 🌐