TASIAD Organizes a Meeting on Monitoring Activities on the New Directive

DateJuly-August 2019 by Bülent Yılmaz Print

With the support of the Istanbul Industry and Technology Provincial Directorate and Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), All Elevator Industrialists and Business People Association (TASIAD) organized a training on the new Elevator Operation and Maintenance Directive at The Green Park Pendik Hotel on May 28, 2019.

Ahmet Fikret Gökhan, TASIAD Chairman, who made the opening speech at the half-day seminar, said, “Representatives of the Ministry are here; we will talk about our problems related to the new directive and look for solutions. However, please join the association first. Otherwise, we cannot be heard,” and invited everyone to gather under the same roof.

Industry and Technology Istanbul Provincial Director Ümit Ünal said, “In Istanbul, we are doing our best to give service to the industry under difficult conditions. As you may know, there is a recession in Turkey’s and the world’s economy, which also has had an impact on the elevator industry. However, our country holds a strategic position in component manufacturing. Within this scope, the volume of manufacturing, installation and maintenance reached approximately 350 million dollars per annum. However, unqualified safety components tarnish our sector’s image. As the Ministry, we see the problems in the field and are working together to overcome them.” He added, “Another problem in the field is the unfair competition. For example, if a company discharges its engineer following their receipt of Service Adequacy Certificate and continues its activities, then there is an unfair competition here. We are aware of all these things. We will make strict inspections and protect the rights of our honest companies.”

At the first session following the opening speech, Market Surveillance expert Mehmet Çetin Bankur of the Provincial Directorate made a presentation about the Regulation on Elevator Operation and Maintenance. At the second session, Selim Süzer, the Market Surveillance expert from the Turkish Standards Institute, made a presentation about “TS 12255-Authorized Services — Elevator Maintenance Services — Rules.” Following each presentation, the questions asked by the participants were answered by the instructors. After the training, the participants met at the fast-breaking meal and had the chance to exchange their views on various issues.