TASİAD Holds Extraordinary General Meeting

DateJanuary-February 2017 Print

The Elevator Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (TASIAD) came together for an extraordinary general meeting on 23 December 2017. The meeting, on the income transfer of its own share gained from Eurasia Elevator Fair to ASFED, was organized in the congress hall of Metroplast Elevator.

TASIAD was getting its own 10% share in the name of the sector from the Eurasia Elevator Fair, collaboratively held by TASIAD and CNR EXPO, before the foundation of ASFED. Following the founding of the Elevator Industrialists’ Federation (ASFED), incorporating TASIAD, ASFED decided to support the fair. As a result of this, ASFED was also getting a 7% share of all incomes in the name of the sector. There was a demand on collecting the incomes under a single roof by transferring TASIAD’s share to ASFED, in light of the recent demands received from ASFED. Underlining that as an association, they started various projects — notably the Thematic School — and that they will spend the income also on projects contributing to the employment in the sector, TASIAD Board Chairman Ahmet Fikret Gökhan stated that because the current management could not decide on its own, they held an extraordinary general meeting.

Board Chairman Yusuf Atik participated in the meeting on behalf of ASFED, invited for the general meeting. Stressing that their demand aimed to stop dualism, he expressed the view that the school project started by TASIAD will be completed and opened in case of the income transfer.

After both parties explained their own excuses on the issue in a democratic manner, the voting started. Three articles under discussion were voted. These articles and the income transfer to ASFED were rejected by a large majority. The second article, about the authorization of the current management on starting or quitting the membership of national/international associations and federations, was accepted by a large majority. Finally, opening a branch or a representative agency outside Istanbul was accepted, and settled unanimously. 🌐