7th International Iran Elevator Fair

DateSeptember-October 2018 Print

The 7th International Iran Elevator Fair, which is organized every year, was held on 19-22 July 2018 at the Tehran International Fair Center.

The fair, which had generally been held in spring before an organizational change, has been held in the middle of July for the past 3 years, which was a challenge to participants and visitors because of the climate conditions in Tehran, with its high temperatures. The effect of sunlight was felt all day, due to the structure of the International Tehran Fair, while the transitions were in outdoor spaces between the halls with air conditioning.

There was a sharp decrease in the number of domestic and foreign participants because the fair, which is being organized every year, increased the costs to organizations and participants due to international sanctions. However, despite this fact, the size of Iran's elevator industry manages to gain attraction worldwide. Since Iran's leading companies decided to participate in the fair every other year, the companies that did not have a booth this year stated that they will be at the fair next year, in 2019. At this year's fair, 151 companies opened booths in 8 halls, with most of the foreign companies being Chinese. Mikrolift was the only company from Turkey that directly opened booth. Although other Turkish companies did not open booths directly, it was possible to see the products of several companies, such as Arkel, Can-Lift and Metroplast, at the booths of their Iranian distributors at the exhibitions.

Different from the global standards, Iran has its own standards and certification, and is about to become almost self-sufficient in elevator industry, due to the sanctions. Despite this fact, external dependence continues for several components, including, significantly, inverters. However, because of the increase in the costs of imports and the loss of currency value, Iran’s domestic production rate is increasing day by day. The different price policy of the fair organization toward domestic and foreign participants is almost the same issue.

This year, I was invited to the Koosha Applied Science and Technology booth, related to the Applied Science and Technology University (UAST), at the Iran fair. The university, also the curator of the International Iran Elevator Symposium held annually, captured the hearts of participants with its hospitality at its own organization.

On the last day of the fair, I found the chance to visit both the plant and main center of one of Iran's oldest and biggest producers, Behran Lift. The company, founded by Asad Shakiri in 1988, is directed today by 7 brothers of the second generation. Producing a gear machine as its first product, Behran Lift has become Iran’s biggest producer in this field. With its seven different ggear machine products, the company produces an machine every 10 minutes. In addition to machine production, it also produces several components, like pulleys, overspeed gevernor, cabins and landing doors and cabin doors. It began producing escalators last year.

The large number of women workers in the company, which has 500-plus total workers, attracted my attention throughout my visit. Company official Abbas Shakeri said the number of women employees is more than the number of men, considering especially white-collar workers.