Second Spain Tour of the Year by Fupa Elevator

DateJuly-August 2018 by Ahmet Gügercin Print

This time, manufacturing dealers were welcomed in Spain on 16-19 May within the context of Fupa Elevator’s traditional Spain and Fermator tour organizations.

Avelice Elevator from Iğdır, Özinan Elevator from Samsun, Erfa Elevator from Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ, Aybil Elevator from Istanbul, BSB Elevator, Teori Engineering and E Kaptan companies attended at the four-day tour. Fupa’s team of 5 people accompanied the group of 26 people in total.

The tour was full of joy and fun at its every turn. Eyüp Kaptan, the only person in the tour group who was not a manufacturing dealer, was one of the popular names of the tour, pepping up the atmosphere with his humorous, funny and dynamic personality.

One of the best moments of the tour was Fermator CEO Eduard Gomis’s close attention to the group at different sections. Enjoying every single moment of the tour, Mr. Gomis’ conversations with Eyüp Kaptan were worthwhile to see.

The tour started at Barcelona Airport after the 3.5 hour-flight. After taking welcoming photos, the group started the tour by bus organized by Fermator. The first stop was at Mont Serrat, one of the most important tourist attractions of Spain. The most significant feature of this place for the group was its access way through a nearly 15-minute long rope railway journey. It was a pleasure to see the panoramic view of Barcelona from a height of nearly 1,200 m and walk in the corridors of such a historical place built about 600 years ago. After returning using the rope railway again, the group had lunch at the famous Canamad Restaurant, and then took the road to the city of Salou, which was the first accommodation place.

On the second day, the group had the chance to visit the Fermator DMT plant. The treats and hospitality at the plant were again at the utmost level. After the presentations by FUPA A.Ş. Sales & Marketing Director Ahmet Gügercin and Board member Can Latif, the group had a technical visit to the DMT plant in its full transparency. The guests found the opportunity to closely examine the advanced-level quality control, production, R&D and test processes supported by ERP systems with high automation and internal units of the Fermator DMT plant, and learned about Fermator’s Compact and Elite series.

After the Fermator DMT plant tour, the group had lunch, fully accompanied with conversations, at Mas Folch Restaurant, and then visited the Fermator Technolama plant. The guests found the chance to examine newly developed Premium series, custom-design round doors, down-slide special glass doors, non-standard high-level fire-resistant doors developed at Fermator Technolama, and saw that Fermator could sell high-technology and competitive products to the market in terms of elevator automatic doors from A to Z. Attracting the close attention of Fermator’s top management, the plant tour highly impressed the guests, all of whom were sector members. At the end of the day, the group came back to Salou and, that night, had dinner, conversations and an enjoyable atmosphere with the participation of Fermator’s top management.

The group visited Barcelona’s famous La Sagrada Famillia Basilica and Gaudi’s amazing works of art as well as popular and historical places on the third day and returned to Istanbul next day with the wonderful memories.