Otis Turkey has Completed the Great Modernization

DateNovember-December, 2017 Print

All elevator units of the towers of Yapi Kredi Bank headquarters were modernized by Otis Turkey.

The Yapı Kredi headquarters building, whose elevator units were constructed by Otis, was put into service in 1987. Managing the transportation along with its services for 30 years, the elevators were recently modernized and transformed into new-generation, high-quality, safe, efficient and high-tech Otis elevators. The modernization work at the towers of Yapı Kredi headquarters lasted for about 3 years. All elevators of the building, the third biggest plaza with its visitor traffic, were renewed. During the modernization process, extra safety measures were taken to avoid any issues and safety problems. Consisting of 3 blocks — the 22-story A block, 23-story B block and 24-story C block — the building’s elevator renewal process began in the A block in January 2015, then C block in June 2016 and, finally, the B block in June 2017. The modernization included 18 elevators in total.

Energy savings with the Otis ReGen drive system

The biggest change to come with the modernization has been the energy-saving issue. Traditional elevator drive systems transform electricity generated through the movement of the light-loaded cabin upwards and full-loaded cabin downwards into the network again. As a result of an annual analysis, it has been seen that a serious amount of energy savings have been achieved by the return of 32% of the electricity to the major network. Throughout the modernization studies, load tests of weight-bearing suspension points were carried out to eliminate any safety gap while dismantling the nearly 1.5-ton old elevators. For the lifting equipment, a cable puller was used instead of a chain hoist, in order to decrease the mechanical load of technical staff. In this way, the assembly-disassembly processes were completed in a safer manner.

Online tracking and management with Otis EMS Panaroma System

For this modernization, the web-based Otis EMS Panaroma System, which offers real-time data, was used. The EMS Panaroma system, which provides the online and mobile tracking and managing of the position, load, and route of all elevators for building management, makes the elevators of company buildings in need of high-security (such as the office of IBM Turkey, one of the Turkey’s biggest companies, Yapı Kredi Bank and other factories, leasing and insurance companies) traceable by security guards.

Otis led the most comprehensive modernization of Turkey

Özgür Aren, general manager of Otis Turkey, evaluated the process of modernization and stated: “There is more than one corporate office in the blocks of Yapı Kredi Plaza. We received different feedback about the use of the elevators from each user, and the customer demands guided us before we started the renovation. We evaluated and analyzed the feedback and then made our operational plan together with our staff. We took comprehensive safety measures, since the flow in plazas is fast and constant. We determined our working methods specific to the project. We had the material delivery and works on floors done out of working hours, in order to not disturb the employees and the traffic flow of the plaza. I can say that the residents did not see any of the Otis technical staff. In short, we successfully managed the most comprehensive modernization project of Turkey. It has been one of the major modernization projects, which can be seen in the Empire State Building in global. I am quite satisfied with this successfully managed process.”

Otis promises excellence in service

Promising to provide a high standard of service and maintenance with its “Excellence in Service” motto, Otis takes every kind of measure to ensure safe units for the users’ security. The number of errors before modernization was approximately 5 per unit, per year; it has gone down to only 1.7 per unit, per year. Otis continues its high-quality service to its customers just like those in Yapı Kredi Towers with its applications, such as foreseeing and preparing for the user’s needs, fulfilling promises on time, and displaying positive and professional behavior.

Turkey’s local production capacity

Within the scope of the modernization of the towers for Yapı Kredi Bank General Directorate comes the exporting of high-rise, heavy-load and custom-designed elevators to the USA and Australia as well as to Europe and Middle East. Otis Turkey produces elevator, elevator units, elevator car doors, cars, car and floor cassettes and car coatings at its plant in Istanbul.

Modernization went through examination

All modernized elevators went through examination by Dutch independent audit provider Liftinstituut Solutions, which has 80 years of experience in the elevator and escalator industry. Europe’s leading certification provider in the field of elevators, escalator systems, subsystems and components, Liftinstituut conducted the inspection of the project in terms of the compliance with regulations, design, customer complaints, noise-vibration and position accuracy criteria. 🌐