Otis Mark Put on Dudullu-Bostancı Metro

DateJanuary-February 2018 Print

Otis, one of the world leaders in the elevator industry, has undertaken escalator and elevator work on the Dudullu-Bostancı Metro line, which is one of the most significant projects in Istanbul. A total 209 units will be built, including 53 elevators and 156 escalators, for 13 stations within the project.

Otis Turkey, exporting high-technology worldwide, will produce 53 Gen2 Premier Elevators in Turkey for the 14-km-long Dudullu-Bostancı Metro Line, one of the biggest infrastructure investments in Istanbul and set to open in 2019.

Highlighting that they are proud to be chosen for the popular projects, Otis Turkey General Manager Özgür Aren stated, “We produce and export elevators not only to Turkey but also to every corner of the world. The fact that our quality is also recognized by Turkey makes us feel proud.”

Aren added, “Istanbul is one of the world’s metropolises where infrastructure projects develop intensively and rapidly. Within the scope of such vision, we are going to produce 209 units of elevator and escalator systems in total for Dudullu-Bostancı Metro through long-term technical practices. 53 Gen2 model elevators in total will be produced in the plant of Otis Turkey in Istanbul.”

“We export elevators including China”

Aren continued his speech as follows: “Otis Turkey has a strong production capacity. We lead the way with very special designs, thanks to our highly productive and experienced engineer staff in the elevator sector. With these units designed and produced with the latest technological advances, we meet the needs of a wide range of group of constructions, escalators and speed-walks from buildings to skyscrapers, from shopping malls to metro stations, from airports to hospitals, hotels and public buildings.”

Özgür Aren added finally, “As Otis Turkey exports high-building, heavy-load and special-design elevators primarily to Europe and Middle East countries, as well as the USA and Australia; we produce and export elevators even to China. For instance, we produced the high-speed elevators of Citylife Tower, the highest skyscraper project in Italy. The elevators of Sidney Opera House, one of the most magnificent structures of the world, were renewed by Otis Turkey. We export high-speed elevators to the USA, to the center of elevator technologies and engineering. Today, we are proud of producing elevators in Turkey for a 45-story hotel in New York.” 🌐