MMO İzmir Hands-On Training Center Opens

DateJanuary-February, 2018 Print

The Hands-On Training Center in İzmir, Bayraklı, was opened by the İzmir branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) to train and certify Elevator Assemblers, Maintainers and Repairers at a ceremony on 21st November, 2017.

İzmir Branch of MMO Executive Board Deputy Chairman Yüksel Yaşar Tekin and MMO Executive Board Chairman Ali Ekber Çakar made speeches in the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Deputy Chairman Yüksel Yaşar Tekin said, “Our chamber cannot remain insensitive to the lack of qualified intermediate staff, the significant issue of our country’s industry. Within this framework, our studies are not limited to our members and colleagues, and work continues at the trainings of qualified intermediate staff in various sectors with the aim of contributing to the elimination of this significant problem of our country.” He then thanked to all contributor institutions and organizations.

MMO Executive Board Chairman Ali Ekber Çakar stated, “Our chamber pays strong attention to the development of the sectors related to the study fields. I thank all companies and colleagues who contributed to our ninth Hands-On Training Center, and who will contribute to its transformation into a functional facility.”

The contributor companies that provided equipment for the Hands-On Training Center received a plaque in the opening ceremony, and a welcome cocktail organized by the help of sector companies, notably the members of Ege Elevator and Escalator Industrialists (EAYSAD).

The Contributor Companies to the Hands-On Training Center:

Ace Elevator, Açılım Elevator, Adoli̇f Elevator, Agsan Elevator, Akar Elevator, Akış Elevator, Anadolu Yakası, Arkel, Arlift Elevator, Arser Elevator, Arslan Elevator, Aspar Elevator, Asray, Assör, Astor Halil Tokoğlu Elevator, Bekir Tekin, Bıdık Metal, CE Engineering, Centa, Çelebi Elevator, Çözüm Elevator, Demi̇rel Torna, E Elevator, Efe Elevator, EAYSAD, Ekol Elevators, Elge Elevator, Ender Cıvata, Etkim Elevator, Gen Electromechanics, Haskar Elevator, Hicas Elevator, İzas Elevator, İzeltaş, İzgi Elevator, Kat Elevator, Kone, Löher, Mi-Kel, Mikro Control Systems, New Elk. Electronics, Elevator, Omas Engineering, Özcan Elevators, Pamukkale Elevator, Rst Electronics, Sabi̇t Technical Hardware, Schindler Türkeli Elevator, Sem Elevator, Sipi Çelik, Smas Mak. Tantem Electricity, Tanzer Köksal, Teray, Tuna Elevator, Unite Elevator, Zafer Kurt, Zorlu Elevator. 🌐