MEKİSAN Hosts Prospective Mechanical Engineers of the Future

DateJanuary-February 2018 Print

Mechanical Engineers Club students from the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Kocaeli University visited Mekisan Elevator on 7 December 2017. The students got the opportunity to see the plant, together with the participation of 27 students from different classes.

Information on Mekisan Elevator’s foundation and development process, its production facilities, new products and related R&D studies, Quality Management System Policy, sales and marketing and its position in the sector were provided for the future prospective mechanical engineers, who were hosted by Mekisan Elevator Deputy General Manager Levent Öğüt, Quality Management System (KYS) Department Manager Ebru Karaca, Sales and Marketing Manager Onur Erhan and R&D Manager Murat Uysal.

There was a mutual exchange of ideas about developing technology and both the design and production of faster elevators throughout the interactive conversations in production and other facilities. The requirements at every level, from vocational high school graduate assembly personnel to elevator engineering department graduates, were underlined during the visit. Especially, the importance of their interest on elevator design and production among students’ career goals, the experiences they would have by working in plant lines and assembly areas and their contribution toward their own future and the elevator industry in our country were significantly explained to the final year students.

The Technical Travel Coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering Club, Kaan Özyurt, thanked the company authorities for their interest and support on behalf of the students, and left the factory after the dinner they had within the company facility. 🌐