Liftinstituut Press Meeting in Holland

DateNovember-December, 2017 Print

Liftinstituut Solutions organized a press meeting and trip for Turkish national press members at its Amsterdam, Holland, center on 25-26 October 2017.

The activity field and future-forward plans and programs of Liftinstituut Solutions were presented within the scope of a two-day meeting at which Serpil Yılmaz (Haber Türk), Ali Çağatay (Bloomberg HT), Mustafa Kemal Çolak (Posta), Yasemin Salih (Dünya Gazetesi) and Bülent Yılmaz (Elevator World press group) participated. Liftinstituut Solutions B.V. General Manager Marco Waagmeester, Liftinstituut B.V. General Manager John van Vliet, Director of International Relations Albert Jan van Ommen, Eurasia Manager Süleyman Özcan and Marketing Communication Specialist Marjon Slager took part in the meeting, held at Liftinstituut’s Central Office.

Providing general information about Liftinstituut Solutions, Waagmeester gave an introduction on what services the company provides and in which areas it works, then answered the questions of the press. He stated that he is very pleased with the success of the Turkish Office and the capacity of Turkish market Liftinstituut has under the guidance of Süleyman Özcan. The Eurasia office with its 10-person staff has expressed it has achieved significant success, especially in the Middle East, with the consulting and control service on safety and comfort of elevators and escalators in the transportation, health, finance, full-scale residence and shopping center projects. Highlighting the difference between licensing international operations and consulting-training areas, Waagmester stated that as a sector-leader consulting company, Liftinstituut Solutions keeps is working full-time to continue growing because of the ever-developing construction sector in Middle East and Asia. Finally, he emphasized the company’s social responsibility, and said, “We spend a part of our business income on utilization and installation of elevators and escalators to raise the awareness of the public. We are specialized on every kind of detail about elevators, and pleased to be sharing our knowledge and experience with the customers in advance.”

Following Waagmester’s statements, John van Vliet drew attention to growing Liftinstituut’s international licensing, and said “the power of the licensing department is due to the expertise and flexibility. We actively participate at licensing studies at the producer’s design stage. We provide feedback on several subjects at the stage of the development of elevator components and safety mechanism, if asked and necessary. For instance, our support at the stages of production and licensing in terms of new EN 81-20/50 standards has been welcomed by the producers in the sector. We are glad to provide support for them to be more productive and faster in terms of their development.”

Next, the Regional Director responsible for the Middle East and Turkey, Süleyman Özcan, focused on the necessary but inadequate maintenance activities on elevators and escalators for safe operation. He underlined the need for the control of products’ electrical and mechanical safety parts by a competent and impartial party. He added, “We all know that the elevators in the buildings we live and work in are as important as the exterior, house paint, floor, electrical wiring, water installations and other factors. Elevators are as significant as other equipment in our living spaces for two reasons: safety and comfort!”

He continued: “Safety issue in elevators: inspection bodies, notified bodies, testing laboratories and elevator companies, especially the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, have been spreading an effort for the safety of elevators we use every day. The Ministry publishes and applies the Elevator Regulations and Maintenance Operating and Periodical Control Regulations, inspection bodies control the elevators through the very detailed control forms they use, notified bodies authorize the elevator companies, testing companies carry out necessary product tests, elevator companies assemble elevators safely and allow us to use safe elevators.

“Most of the elevator companies in our country, almost 99% of them, design, assemble, test and control their elevators licensed within elevator regulations, and thus get the full authorization to supply the market. It means that they carry out all necessary controls and tests obligated by the related regulation after the assembly of the elevator, and then they place elevators that have passed 100% of the controls and tests on the market. However, according to the last sector report published by the Ministry, 63% of the elevators inspected by A-Type Inspection Bodies in 2016, namely 189,539 elevators controlled, are red-labelled. It means that they are highly defective and unsafe. One or some of the elevators you use everyday might be among this rate of 63%. Considering the numbers mentioned here, at least 63% of the elevators under our service are untested and uncontrolled by the elevator assembly companies, or are tested and controlled in the wrong way. What about the other 37%? Are they safe enough? According to the last sector report published by our Ministry, 22% of the elevators controlled are qualified to be green-labelled. It means that there is no security gap constituting an impediment for their use. Unfortunately, having a green-labelled elevator does not mean that it has been tested and controlled and passed the tests, even though this equipment is designed and has attached parts to prevent fatal or harmful accidents under undesirable situations. It is impossible to have 100% safe elevators because they are not tested in accordance with the related regulations by A-Type Inspection Bodies. In other words, these controls are not listed in their must-have control check lists. They are only responsible for testing in terms of another additional article in the regulation. If the elevator installation company has tested and controlled them, then you are lucky. However, if the 22% of the elevators which are to be tested and controlled by the company itself and placed on the market are green-labelled, your chance is a maximum 22%. Are there any elevator installation companies that carry out all tests and controls perfectly after their installation process? Of course, there are. We know these companies, but they are few. There are many reasons why the safety of elevators we use is inadequate. All partners are struggling for the improvement of the results. Ask for the elevator components placed on the market and test records from your elevator company and examine them in order to be sure if they are safe for you, your family and your employees. Have your elevator put through all the tests and controls required in the sixth part of the EN 81-20 standard or in Attachment-D of EN 81-1+A3 standard by an expert inspection and engineering company. There is no other way to understand and feel comfortable if your elevator is fully safe at the moment. Although you have a perfectly constructed flat in a high-luxury building, or a very stylish office in a luxury, comfortable tower, the result can be the same.”

Liftinstituut staff warmly and sincerely welcomed its guests for dinner in Momo Restaurant, and provided an opportunity to listen to and answer the questions of the press on the first evening of the trip.

On the second day at the MOS Restaurant lunch, the friendly hospitality of the restaurant staff was pleased to all guests.