Italiaeleva 2018

DateJuly-August 2018 by Federica Villa Print

The Italian Lift Convention Calls Growth Its Objective

Italiaeleva 2018 took place May 10-12 at the Milan Marriott Hotel in Milan and saw broad public participation from its first day to its last. More than 70 companies, mainly Italian, participated, and, despite not having the definitive data on the number of visitors, we are presuming it was the most visited iteration of Italiaeleva.

At the same time as the exhibition, there were the annual national assemblies of the associations that gave birth to Italiaeleva, Anica (National Association of Industries of Components for Lifts) and Anacam (National Association of Construction and Maintenance Lifts).

Compared to previous editions of Italiaeleva, the Milan edition had a “more business” cut, according to the president of Anica, Paolo Vicini. There were fewer recreational spaces, and yet the traditional convivial imprint was left intact. The friendly and informal atmosphere that transpired, especially during the gala dinner on Friday evening, culminated with a comedy show featuring Paolo Migone, a comedian from the famous comedy program “Zelig.”

Italiaeleva’s attendees and participating companies wished to optimize their participation with a dense agenda of meetings allowing time with everyone from operators and maintenance technicians to customers and suppliers. This was not the time nor place to showcase large systems, cumbersome components or launch new technologies (we were inside a hotel and only six months earlier the industry held Interlift 2017), but, as already mentioned, the specific intention of Italiaeleva has always been to focus on the human dimension, where it is possible to strengthen current working relationships and create new ones.

The associations used the event to hold their annual assemblies. Anacam held its 47th national assembly, and, as usual, the opening of the proceedings was entrusted to the national president of the association, Edoardo Rolla. He commenced with the association’s reports and statutory obligations. Much time was dedicated to the presentation of Anacam’s new website, while the rest of the day was devoted to the presentation of the budget and a seminar to elaborate on safety regulations. Anica held its assembly on the afternoon, and after completing the statutory duties of the association’s activities in 2017, Vicini presented both the activities carried out and those on the agenda, encouraging debate.

This year’s event had an optimism enjoyed by all.