Iranian The 7th International Seminar on Elevators and Escalators

DateApril-May, 2017 Print

The 7th International Seminar on Elevators and Escalators was held with the cooperation of the University of Applied Science and Technology of Tehran and Iran’s syndicate of elevator and escalator industries with the presence of academic staff and industrialists at the Koosha Center of Applied Science and Technology.

The seminar was held with the presence of Dr. Bozorghadad , the research and technology deputy of the University of Applied Science and Technology (UAST), Dr. Delavar, the director general of international relations of UAST, experts, professors, industrialists and foreign guests at the Koosha Center of applied science and technology February 16th, 2017.

After reading Quran and national anthem Eng. Boroujerdi, the deputy secretary of the seminar declared: the 7th International Seminar on Elevators and Escalators is held with the aim of knowledge borders development, industry standardization, premier technology and innovations transfer in the various fields of elevator and escalator and articles and new conclusions presentation with the presence of foreign experts, professors, students and elevator and escalator experts by elevator and related industries growth center (Koosha) with the cooperation of the University of Applied Science and Technology of Tehran and Iran’s syndicate

He added: This seminar has provided an exceptional opportunity in vertical transportation industry for academic staff, elevator and escalator experts, industrial companies’ managing directors, technical managers, technical technicians and civil engineers in order to be aware of the industry knowledge and the latest achievements. Among received articles, 47 articles were accepted that professional panels are held according to their abstracts.

UAST can fill the gap of university-industry relation

During the ceremony of seminar opening, Dr. Omir Bozorghadad , the research and technology deputy of the University of Applied Science and Technology with the mentioning the weakness of university-industry relation said: when one-fourth of the world’s citation is from Iran, why we shouldn’t make a progress in industry. He added: UAST can fill the gap of university-industry relation

He added: UAST has 10% of Iran’s students and 40% of higher education institutes. Hence, if this potential is used properly, it can assist the industrial progress of the country.

Dr. Bozorghadad pointed: UAST is one of the 12 selected universities in research area and has the best rank in publishing articles. This university is appreciated in different areas and it shows that the university can be a pioneer in this area.

The commercialization of 14 research achievements

In the following, Eng. Samaneh Sajjady, the college dean of Koosha center said: the seminar on elevators and escalators has been held for 7 years that from the sixth one, it is an international seminar. She added: the experts from Italy, England, Spain, Germany, Holland and Turkey are at the seminar.

Sajjady declared: the targets of this seminar are the familiarity of industrialists with the elevator and escalator industry’s knowledge and the relation of this industry with university. She pointed: at this year’s seminar, we could commercialize 14 research achievements of Koosha Center.

She added: three products including elevator’s drive, elevator’s door and elevator professional calculating software from Koosha growth center’s cores and 11 other products containing STC system, the dashboard of missile arc online control of automatic doors equipped with mechanical lock, automatic central door equipped with one lock and one arc, 7.5 kilowatt gearbox engine 3VF, elevator and escalator free articles’ website, Alice system, LCD screen in a cabin with the capability of audio relation, UCM, heavy duty automatic door and 7.3 kilowatt gearbox engine 3VF are the products of industrialists related with this center that prevents currency exit and tends to exporting these products to other countries.

Eng. Sajjady at the end said: Koosha Center of Applied Science and Technology has 50 contracts and MoUs with industrial centers under implementation.

After opening ceremony, seminar professional panels began. At first, Mr. Albert Jan Van Ommen, certificate allotment manager of Holland inspection institute as the first international lecturer, informed the standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 and making a memorandum of understanding between UAST and Holland Inspection Institute and also holding educational classes with the presence of Dutch professors and he introduced Koosha Center as the official representative of Holland Inspection Institute.

In the following, Mr. Ferhat Celik on behalf of Blain Company from Germany, had a talk on the difference between hydraulic valves and the latest hydraulic systems achievements.

Then, Dr. Mirhadizadeh, the head of R&D Department of Northampton University in England had a talk on Skype. He presented an article with Mr. Stefan Kaczmarczyk who is the head of engineering department of Northampton University, about elevator movement modeling and wind effect on wire rope and its vibrations. They investigated this matter With the use of Matlab simulation software.

The first part of the professional panels started. Mr. Amir Hashemi: He had a talk on opportunities and challenges of elevator and escalator industry in Iran in English language that his expertise in English language and complete information about Iran’s market especially after nuclear talk, were attractive for the audiences.

Mr.Marco Baroncini from Sicor Company located in Italy, had a speech on calculations and formulas related to selecting gearless engines power range, comparison between gearless and gearbox engines and the latest achievements of Sicor Company.

In the following, Mr. Hasan Efe from Arkel Company in Turkey, spoke about standards related to sfatey in control boards.

With starting the third part of professional panels, it was Mr.Umberto Del Prete’s turn to speak.

Mr.Umberto Del Prete is the sales manager of Vega Company from Italy in Iran and Eng. He communicated with an elevator in Italy through Cloud and then moved the elevator with the same software from Koosha College.

At the end, he said to control boards makers in Iran and renowned brands’ representatives that this elevator online control system has the capability of installation on all elevators in the world.

Then MR. Ivan Cicero from HL Company, Italy, and Italian Elevator engineering Association agent, introduced HL Company and continued his lecture about hydraulic elevators share from world’s market.

Then Eng. Mahdavi presented his articles about the necessity of standards and making a safe condition for installers and comparing statistics. In the following, Eng. Hosseini had the last talk on traffic analysis and using various algorithms.

At the end, the commendation letters were bestowed to all foreign guests, elevator companies at the seminar, elevator and escalator industry experts, outstanding professors of Koosha College in the field of elevator and presenters of the best articles