Our Industry Experiences the Iftar Joy Together This Year Again

June 30 Dürdane Abdal Print

The institutions and organizations involved in our elevator industry experienced the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan together at iftar organizations. Iftar meals participated by a high number of industry representatives resulted in nice conversations during which employees got closer to each other.

Keen Participation in the Iftar Organization by ASFED

Elevator Industrialists’ Association (ASFED) organized its traditional iftar meal at Ankara Halimbey Restaurant on June 10. The organization bringing together several companies and public enterprise representatives was attended by approximately 200 people. Among the attendees were also Nurettin Özdebir, Chairman of Ankara Chamber of Industry, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Sectoral Department Heads, chairmen and board members of association affiliated to ASFED.

Traditional Iftar Meal by TASIAD organized at Hilton

This year’s traditional iftar meal by TASIAD was held in Hilton/Kozyatağı/İstanbul on Tuesday June 21. Giving a brief speech during the meal, TASIAD Chairman Ahmet Fikret GÖkhan spoke on the new developments about the school project by TASIAD Educational Committee.

This year, 27 companies sponsored the Traditional Iftar Meal by TASIAD.

Elevator Industrialists from Ankara gather at the Iftar Meal by ANASDER

The traditional iftar meal by Anatolian Elevator Industrialists’ Association (ANASDER) was held at Süvari Kahvesi in Ankara Yeni Mahalle on Friday June 24. This year’s organization was also attended by important industry authorities from Ankara. The organization in which elevator companies from Ankara as well as officials from public institutions and organizations, the Ministry representatives in the first place, took part was held in a pleasant atmosphere.

Bursa Elevator Industry Reunites at Iftar Meal

BURSAD holds this year’s iftar meal at Şeke Kır Bahçesi on Wednesday June 15. BURSAD management, Chairman Gültekin Baki in the first place, welcomed almost 620 guests. The iftar organization was attended by almost the entire elevator industry in Bursa, a large number of elevator industry representatives from surrounding cities, TSI, Municipality representatives, Has Asansör Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Hürriyet Vocatonal and Technical Anatolian High School authorities.

Ametal honors Its Employees This Year Again

Ametal held the iftar meal which it organizes every year for its staff on Friday evening June 10 on boat this year.

On the boat getting under way from Üsküdar-Paşalimanı at around 19.30, the employees broke their fast in company with the blueness of Bosporus turning navy blue.

Ametal honored again its employees having their 10th year in the company as in the previous years. After the meal, surprise videos shot for the four employees completing their 10th year were watched. Then Ametal Chairman İsmail Yıldırım gave a short speech expressing his respect for his employees. Emphasizing that Ametal is based on respect and love, Yıldırım said, “The deed done with love ennobles it, enriches society.” Then the following employees completing their 10th year in the company were present awards and plaques: Naime Yıldırım, Hakan Çetin, Serkan Alkaya, İbrahim Tiftik.

Iftar organization by Merih in a family-warm atmosphere

Merih Asansör held its iftar organization this year at Fevzi Paşa Restaurant on June 13. During the organization in which the employees took part with their families, Merih Asansör Board Chairman Yusuf Atik gave a short speech before the meal expressing his wishes for Ramadan.

Metroplast Family Meets up at Pendik Coast This Year

The iftar meal by Metroplast was held at Temenye Et ve Balık Pendik Marina on Friday June 24. The organization in a pleasant atmosphere on the coast of the Marmara Sea was attended this year also by industry representatives as well as all the managers and employees involved in the company together with their families.