Fermator Automatic Doors and EN 81-20/50 Training Held in Istanbul

DateNovember-December, 2017 Print

Educational training on EN 81-20/50 standards organized through the cooperation of Mesan Elevator, Fupa Elevator and Fermator took place on 26 October 2017 at the Istanbul Kaya Ramada Hotel.

The fifth of the educational seminars was organized nationwide by Fupa Elevator and Fermator Elevator, and held in Kaya Ramada Hotel in Istanbul, and included the participation of Fermator’s Spanish managers. The host of the educational seminar was Mesan Elevator.

The reception and opening speech were made by Can Latif, executive board member of Fupa A.Ş. In his speech, Latif pointed out how elevators and their equipment are significant in the lives of people.

After a short introduction about the global structure of Fermator and its 40 years of experience in automatic doors, Global Sales Director Eduard Amigo stated that the company focuses on the market in Turkey as a family company. Amigo also explained that Fermator produces doors for every segment, and added that the key to their success is seeing global customers as business partners.

After the opening speech, the director of Production and R&D at Fupa Elevator, Metin Ağaya, made a presentation titled A General Overview toward EN 81-20/50. Giving some information on the standards, Ağaya mentioned the notice from the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology published on 14 June 2017. Underlining some of the articles in the notice, Ağaya talked about safety requirements for passengers and assemblers.During his interactive presentation, Ağaya also briefly talked about the changes in the standards in a catechetic way.

“We will use unpainted doors in the future”

Murat Camgöz, director of Fermator Turkey and Middle East, projected a short introductory film on Fermator and made a commercial presentation. Stating that they are a Spanish-based company founded in 1977, Camgöz continued:

“Our company is producing in its 12 facilities across the World. Six of these facilities are in Europe, and two each are in India and China. Also, there are some specific and future-forward subjects we are working on now. We consider the development of elevator technologies in the future. First of all, let’s talk about the comfort in the use of elevator doors. At this point, the developments on the control of these doors via the Internet are going on. The doors can be opened and closed through a remote control from anywhere around the world. Secondly, we are now working on energy efficiency. We wish to decrease the energy used for the elevator doors. Another subject is our ecological studies. In this area, we are planning to stop using paint on Fermator doors,” he said.

The Compatibility of Fermator doors with EN 81-20/50

After-Sales Support representative Yalçın Araz made a presentation on The Compatibility of Fermator doors with EN 81-20/50, following Murat Camgöz’s speech. Through slideshows related to the subject, Araz mentioned changes in Fermator doors in terms of the new standards. Araz also answered the questions from the participants during his interactive presentation.

After the lunch break, Yalçın Araz gave some information on the Elite Model developed by Fermator. Araz also made a presentation on VVF5 & VVF7 Operator Card Training during the final session of the seminar. He talked about the differences and changes made between VVF5 and VVF7, along with the characteristics of VVF7 cards. He explained the use of the card through the slideshow.

The closing speech of the event was made by the Chairman of the Executive Board Murat Girgin. Girgin expressed his appreciations about the organized event, and gave his sincere thanks to the participants.