Fermator Automatic Door and EN 81-20/-50 Training Sessions Held in Malatya and Konya

DateSemptember-October, 2017 Print

A series of EN 81-20/-50 training sessions were held in cooperation with automatic door producer Fermator, along with Turkish distributor Fupa Lift and Sistem Çelik Halat, the producer in Malatya, and Ahmet Asansor, the producer in Konya.

Malatya Session

The Malatya training session, held on July 20-21 at the Sistem Çelik Halat factory located in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone of Malatya, was presented for two days because of high demand. In addition to the elevator contract companies in Malatya, the training drew representatives of many companies from Elazig, Diyarbakir, Batman, Kahramanmaras and Sanliurfa. A factory visit taken during the lunch break gave the visitors the opportunity to observe the manufacturing phases through which the Fermator doors pass.

To close the training sessions, Hasan Ulug, Sistem Çelik’s chairman of the board of directors, offered some parting remarks, and made a gift of fresh Malatya apricots to each participant, as the date of the event coincided with the harvest.

Konya Session

The Konya training event was held on August 3 at the Konya Bera Hotel and was organized by Ahmet Asansor. This session drew great interest from the companies in and around Konya that were invited. Ahmet Madenci, general manager of Ahmet Asansor, offered his acknowledgements to the participants and the Fupa Lift and Fermator families during his remarks at the end of the morning session. He also presented plaques to the great masters who brought the elevator sector of Konya into existence and deemed to have made significant contributions. Emotional moments occurred during this ceremony for the masters who couldn’t attend due to illness and whose plaques were received by relatives. The plaques bore the names of these honorees: Ahmet Bolat, Ayhan Kurtoglu, Nurettin Vural, Sitki Ates, Mehmet Akis, Nurettin Mumcu, Yusuf Buyuktopcu, Mustafa Ozkesek, Mehmet Madenci, Ibrahim Eroglu, Saim Delibas, Ibrahim Can, Zeki Ulker, Mehmet Derya and Zekeriya Yilmaz.

EN 81-20/50 Seminar

The subject and the training program held in Malatya and Konya were the same. Riza Latif, Fupa Lift’s chairman of board of directors-, who welcomed participants and gave the opening speech, spoke of his content regarding the event that was organized with the cooperation of Fermator, and communicated acknowledgements to the teams of Sistem Çelik Halat and Ahmet Asansor. During the afternoon sessions, Metin Agaya, Fupa Lift’s production and R&D manager, made a brief presentation to the audience regarding the issues that accompany adoption of EN 81-20 and EN 81-50. In his presentation, Agaya listed the basic changes of the standard — which was published in 2014 and brought into force on September 1, 2017 — under the following headings:

  • Mechanical resistance at floor and cabin doors,
  • Mechanical resistance of cabin panels,
  • Mechanical resistance of the cabin ceiling, and other requirements,
  • Resistance and heights of safety rail,
  • Entrance to the shaft, and inspection covers,
  • Shaft bottom staircase,
  • Lighting inside the shaft,
  • Lighting of cabin,
  • Emergency lighting,
  • Rope grabbers,
  • Protection areas under and over the shaft,
  • Minimum distances to be left under and over the shaft,
  • Resistance of shaft’s walls,
  • Resistance of glass walls

The presentation video of Fermator was presented next. The commercial presentation of the Fermator Co. and its doors was given by Middle East Director Murat Camgoz. During his presentation, Camgoz presented figures, supported by maps, that illustrated the size of the elevator sector in the world. He discussed the locations outside Spain where Fermator produces its products, and introduced other door models aside from those widely known and used in the market. He told session participants that Fermator performs the manufacture of doors for each solution, and said the company, which produces automatic doors and their components, is directing all its energy to this subject.

During the afternoon sessions, Yalcin Araz, Fermator’s Middle East after-sales service representative, gave a presentation. Araz noted that Fermator’s doors conform to the EN 81-20/-50 standard, and discussed door installation and VVVF5 and VVVF7 operator card training. He also took questions from the audience at the end of his presentation.

At the end of each training session, in both Malatya and Konya, family pictures were taken as mementoes of the event.