“Energy and the Future“ is the Main Theme of the IV Energy Efficiency Congress

DateNovember-December, 2017 Print

The IV Energy Efficiency Congress was organized by the Kocaeli branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) on 13-14 October 2017 at the Kocaeli University Prof. Dr. Baki Komsuoglu Congress and Cultural Center.

The “Energy and the Future” Congress addressed the process of energy planning, management and energy efficiency in Turkey, as well as the solutions. Opening speeches were made by MMO Chairman of the Executive Board Ali Ekber Cakar, Kocaeli Branch of MMO Executive Board member Unal Ozmural and Kocaeli University dean of the faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Ilhan Tekin Ozturk.

MMO Chairman of the Executive Board Ali Ekber Cakar stated that the chamber has adopted the principle of making necessary contributions to a modern, democratic, productive and developing Turkey with its 64 years of experience, and added, “Our chamber works determinedly to organize platforms to provide information about professional fields for people and the related parties, and participates at these platforms actively; and transforms the opinions formed in these arenas toward the related authorities with the support of our organized members.”

Cakar continued, “Energy is the major input of the country’s industry and the major requirement for the social life and for the studies of mechanical engineers. Energy conversion systems, insulation, energy performance reviews, energy-efficient and environmentally compatible vehicles, heating, cooling, air conditioning, designing and implementing plumbing, waste energy recovery, the use of co-generation techniques and design, production and use of the devices, equipment and systems in accordance with these purposes are some of the issues related to energy and among the direct mechanical engineering professional practice areas. Therefore, we have been carrying out a range of works on energy and related issues from past to present.

“Congresses and symposiums on natural gas, energy efficiency, energy-related installations, new and renewable energy sources and solar energy systems are among those pioneering events in this area in our country.”

Energy demand is increasing

The use of energy resources across the world and the fights for domination over these resources have reached a peak point. The use of energy resources is intertwined with the sovereignty and independence of countries. Our energy demand is increasing rapidly with the population growth and industrialization in our country. Now, we are faced with an energy demand triple of the world average. The issues related to meeting our increasing energy needs in a cheap, continuous and secure manner are among our country’s most important problems. The lack of strategic planning, promoting electricity production facilities based on imported natural gas, ignoring our existing richness and the withdrawal of the public from energy investment are among our problems.

External dependence has reached a very serious dimension of 75.9 percent

Today, Turkey is at the forefront in imports of natural gas, oil, coal and petroleum coke, and is one of the world’s “net energy importers.” Also, project stock is above real needs. The license of plan construction for the unplanned production of electricity, which is far above the need within the scope of liberalization and privatization policies, is given and promoted while ignoring the benefit to society. The answer of how loans of projects worth 35 billion dollars will be repaid is, unfortunately, that they will be by the public again. Unplanned and incompatible with the environment and the community, projects are destroying production areas and our habitat, and thus are rejected by the public. Our country’s energy needs are mainly based on new energy supply, and imported energy and high-cost investments are in fossil-based and imports-focused sources. External dependence has reached a very serious dimension of 75.9%, and the rate of dependency is increasing every year.

Demand for energy is increasing faster than the population

Kocaeli branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Executive Board member Unal Ozmural stated in his opening speech, “The increase in energy demand today is more than the increase in the world’s annual population. Since the energy demand is increasing in our country day by day, the use of energy along with the population growth is rising rapidly in transportation and buildings. The fast depletion of fossil fuels, limited to sources of a few countries, is making the efficient use of energy more important. Energy efficiency is the easiest, cheapest and the most direct way, despite the risk of a constant increase in the energy demand of our country. Currently, our country has an energy-saving potential in the building industry of 30%; in the industrial sector, 40%; and, in the transport sector, 15%. Increasing the energy efficiency in existing facilities, the use of energy-efficient technology and equipment in new systems and reducing energy intensity will provide a very important contribution to the development of our country’s economy. In addition, energy efficiency, which is an active method to combat climate change and global warming, is an important step for the protection of the world in terms of the prevention of life-threatening environmental pollution because of industrialization and lack of inspection,” he said.

Following the opening session named, “Energy Efficiency in Turkey and in the World and the Future,” four different sessions, entitled “Climate in Energy Efficiency,” “Environmental Policies,” “Efficiency in Power Plants” and “Energy Efficiency Applications in Industry” took place. During the event, 61 scientific presentations were made during 16 sessions in total, including “Industrial Energy Efficiency Applications-Cogeneration,” “Energy Efficiency in Cooling Systems,” “Electricity Production Efficiency,” “Energy Management and ISO 50001,” “Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy,” “Energy Efficiency in Priority in Designs and Investments,” “Energy Efficiency in Buildings” and “Energy Efficiency in Transport and Agriculture.”

Nine companies that specialize in energy efficiency and applications met with the participants and manufacturers together with their stands in the congress.

During the IV Energy Efficiency Congress, nearly 650 participants, engineers and technical staff and students came together. Through scientific and technological research sessions, expert individuals and organizations, academicians, producers of products and services shared their knowledge and experiences.

The first congress on energy efficiency was held on 1-2 July 2007, the second one on 9-11 April 2009, and the third on 31 March-2 April 2011, each bringing together academics, public- and private-sector officials, companies producing products and services in the industry, and businesses and professionals from around the country.🌐