Elevator Sector’s Women Come Together

DateApril-May, 2017 Print

Women in the elevator sector met March 8, International Women’s Day, at the Pendik Divan Hotel. During the gathering, it was promised that the next event would see even more women in the industry.

During a March 8 meeting at the Pendik Divan Hotel, participants discussed increasing the number of women in the labour force and closing the gender gap in qualified employment in the elevator sector. Also discussed was the importance of occupational training and a vocational school that Turkish elevator industry association TASİAD may establish.

Despite the fact that the population of women and men in Turkey is equal, there is not the same level of equality in the country’s business world, said TASİAD Board Member Yasemin Bulut.

“While 47.8% of the working population in the world are women, this rate is 25.9% in our country,” said Bulut, who noted that the low participation in the workforce comes even though Turkish women graduate from universities at a higher rate than men. “The difficulty in finding a job for a woman, especially in male-dominated sectors, is largely in parallel with the employer’s prioritization for women’s employment; that is, her visibility. If the employer has a constructive approach about women’s employment, the probability of finding a job is rising. Another important reason for the lack of women in business life is that it is very easy for a woman who can find work after her graduation to give up her work life when she gets married and has children.”

“When we look at the graph of female employees in our country, a very interesting table emerges,” she continued. “As a woman advances in her career and gains a senior title, the continuity rate of her work life is rising. A woman is getting stronger if she has her own work. As the woman gets stronger, it is relatively easy to overcome the obstacles in her way. When we look at the elevator sector, unfortunately, we do not have very clear information about women employment. We do not know the number of women in the sector as female employees. In Turkey, a project in which associations will co-operate with ASFED to create the map of female employment in the sector must be urgently carried out. Thus, we can create a database of knowledge, which is an important requirement of our sector under this title.”

Bulut expressed her thanks to the companies that appreciate women’s labour and that allow women to move forward in their careers, and closed her address saying, “I celebrate the 8 March International Women’s Day of our smart, intelligent, successful, strong, beautiful and brave women who stand on their own feet, fertilize and add value to our sector; I thank you with all my heart. I also thank TASİAD and ASFED for supporting the women’s meeting, and protecting and trusting women’s knowledge, labour and power in the sector, which I organized for the second time on the 8th of March International Women’s Day. “

Later, Senior Group Finance Manager Ebru İleri said, “In recent years, we are still coming together against those who are trying to poison this special day, March 8, International Women’s Day, enabling us to be remembered even in a single day of a year, in spite of the male terror that condemns us to death and our ever-increasing violence to women in our country.”

Forward, continued his speech as follows:

The woman with the black eyes is so beautiful ...
I swear on the one that I love so much
When your eyes are closing like a dark flower
If I put my head on your chest for a minute,
I drink my life from your hands at a draught.
The woman with the black eyes is so beautiful ...
And you, the laboring women of our sector, are so beautiful ...
Be happy.

“As the sector is growing, the construction sector and the elevator sector are growing in parallel. Because of the small companies that aim to save the day, it is seen that the competition power of the companies working seriously for us is broken from time to time. When we entered this sector, we had only four players in our position, that’s as four fingers of one hand ...

“When we look back, we are about 80 companies now. Some companies cause to increase accidents as a result of lowering the quality by considering that they make more economical manufacturing. However, a few measures are being taken recently with the support of sector associations and awareness-raising efforts. In this sense, I would like to thank all our associations. However, we have not yet figured out how sufficient it is. Finally, we think that we, laboring women, should fight this unfair competition. I invite you all to move in this direction."

After the speeches, Gülay Pala, representing ASFED, presented a plaque to Yasemin Bulut honouring her for her work.