EAYSAD Hosts ASFED During Traditional Breakfast Meeting

DateApril-May, 2017 Print

Elevator Industrialists Federation delegation offers pertinent information in presentation given during gathering on April 8, 2017, in Buca/İzmir.

The Aegean Elevator and Escalator Industrialists Association (EAYSAD) held a breakfast meeting on April 8, 2017, during which it hosted an eight-member delegation of the Elevator Industrialists Federation (ASFED). Corporate management of Akış Asansör Konya also took part in the traditional breakfast, where attendees learned about ASFED membership and other activities.

The breakfast was held at Buca/İzmir. After breakfast, EAYSAD Chairman Oğuz Yanık offered some remarks of thanks, and the occasion continued with a presentation by Yusuf Atik and Cem Bozdağ of ASFED, who discussed federation activities. Bozdağ shared information about responsibilities the federation has regarding associations, the assignments of current federation members and delegate numbers, the content of the federation statute and the ordinary general meeting information, the federation’s budget, personnel information, correspondences with ministries and other details.

Other topics for discussion included remarks about the federation projects regarding the lift exhibitions held in March and the Izmir Inelex Fair to be held next year. A question-and-answer session followed, addressing the federation’s past initiatives regarding EAYSAD, as well as the importance and evaluation of EAYSAD membership.

The breakfast meeting closed with a thank-you speech by ASFED Chairman Yusuf Atik, and with a ceremonial exchange of plaques and gifts between Atik and EAYSAD Board Chairman Oğuz Yanık.