EAYSAD Draws up a Recognizance for the Industry

DateJanuary, 2017 Print

During the latest version of the breakfast event by EAYSAD, which has become traditional, it was decided that a Recognizance the members and the associates would agree on should be prepared.

EAYSAD (Aegean Elevator and Escalator Industrialists’ Association) held its traditional Breakfast Organization at Barınak Bahçe, İzmir on Saturday November 26, 2016. The event was attended by members and other associates.

During this well-attended meeting, it was declared in writing that the members and associates would be sensitive enough about preparing and implementing a Recognizance that would be drawn up with Codes of Conduct on which all the segments would agree. This step, which is to be taken with the purpose of increasing the prestige of the industry, ensuring healthy communication among members and prevent unfair competition, will be open to the attention and support of the entire industry. To this end, it was resolved that a common effort and the necessary announcements will be made to also cover those associates who did not attend the meeting.