Deltatek & Lifsor Staff Picnic was Colorful

Date 19 May 2016 Dürdane Abdal Print

The traditional picnic arranged by Deltatek & Lifsor Asansör for its staff annually during the beginning of summer was again colorful this year. Almost 100 employees enjoyed socializing with each other in the natural environment of Gebze Ballıkayalar.

The annual Deltatek & Lifsor Asansör staff picnic was held this year on May 19, 2016. The event held early each summer to coalesce company employees, especially those who don’t see each other in the company, saw a keen participation this year, as well. A group of company employees, consisting of almost 100 people, barbecued at Gebze Ballıkayalar. The group took long walks in the Ballıkayalar natural park and left their negative energies on the soil climbing hills and rocks. At the end of the day, everyone turned back home to Istanbul with a smile on their faces and the promise for the next organization.

Paying huge attention to employees’ happiness, Deltatek & Lifsor Asansör also organizes other events throughout the year apart from this picnic, such as paintball, astro-turf tournaments and escape-games, which draw great interest from employees.