Bulut Makina Supports Youth and Universities

DateJanuary-February 2017 Print

Bulut Makina, famous for its support for youth and universities, provides internship and then full-time job opportunity some of the students it supports, as well as the sponsorship of several projects that it takes on.

Ahmet Sabit Bulut, who conveys his business experience through the presentations and interviews he makes at universities for future engineers, offers a business opportunity for students he invited to his factory at their internship and graduations.

The TAKEV ROBOTICA team, founded by TAKEV Foundation High School students in 2015, ranked sixth place in the world in the LEGO League competition held in the USA, and also received the Honor Award.
The young people were invited to the factory to work for their alternate energy-operated vehicle project of the Wind Energy Club, founded by the students from Yıldız Teknik University, from which Ahmet Sabit Bulut also was graduated. The young people named their vehicle as BULUT’17, and honored Bulut Makina in the projects they created together. BULUT’17 ranked sixth place in the world at a competition organized in Holland.
Bulut Makina also became the main sponsor of the hydrogen-operated vehicle made by the Hidromarmara team, founded by Marmara University. Moreover, it supported the young people to participate in the competition in London. It displayed the vehicle made by the young people at the Eurasia Asansör Fair stand, in order to generate more support for the students.

The Bulut Makina General Manager stated that their support will continue next year, and they will be with the young people at the chemical reaction-operated vehicle competition in which Boğaziçi University students will participate, and at the competitions in which three different clubs founded by Istanbul Technical University will participate for satellite and electrical vehicles in Turkey and the USA, as well as the satellite competition in which Yıldız Technical University students will participate in Turkey.

Stating that they aspire to show young people that their ideas and ideals can come true, and they can find proper working areas where they can work without limiting themselves in their business lives, Bulut underlined that they are sure there are many managers and company owners in the elevator sector who have the same enthusiasm, and this support will undoubtedly increase through their contributions. 🌐