Barcelona is more beautiful with Fupa Asansör and Ahmet Asansör Organization

DateMay-June 2018 Print

Total of 26 people representing Ahmet Asansör, Fermator Manufacturer solution partner of Fupa Asansör and its 20 sub-distributors, were in Spain on 4-7 April 2018.

It was clear on the very first day, even before the flight in the airport, that the organization participants were in great harmony and spent spectacular, enjoyable moments together throughout the four-day trip. Barcelona was more beautiful, thanks to the special interest of the Fermator Spain management team and the sincere Mediterranean hospitality during the tour for participants from different cities of our country.

The top management team of Fermator made us feel not like a distributor or a customer, but like a member of their family throughout the tour. Our entire group was looking forward to the evening of the first day of our tour, since there was Barcelona-Rome Champions League quarter-final match that we would be invited to watch from the VIP Lounge, thanks to Fermator. It was worth feeling that magical atmosphere in Nou Camp.

The lunch at Canamat Restaurant welded our group together, full of jokes and laughter. By the way, it is worth noting that high-level presentations of Can Latif, who guided our crew throughout our tour, were as good as a professional tour guide. After lunch, we climbed Montserrat Mountain by an aerial ropeway. Renaissance architecture, with its panoramic dominance on the city and its visual feast full of architectural richness, cheered up our group.

On the match day, world famous football players, Messi, İniesta and others, were right in front of us. Meanwhile, we were waving our Turkish flag. The football fans in our group were quite successful at adapting our conventional acclaims in Turkish stadiums into Barcelona. Not surprisingly, Barcelona beat Rome 4-1. It was a really different feeling to watch the Champions League in Camp Nou.

After the match, on the tour bus, our tired group members were already asleep right after we left for the hotel in Salou. The next day, after a wonderful night spent in a wonderful hotel, we were energized by the warm Mediterranean breeze and unable to recognize the track of time spent between the hotel and the Fermator DMT plant. In our 3-hour tour of the DMT Fermator plant, treats and hospitality were at the highest level. After the presentations we gave in cooperation with Fupa A.Ş. Board Member Can Latif, our group experienced a technical tour in the DMT plant in as transparent a way as possible. The guests found the opportunity to closely examine the advanced quality control, production, R&D and test processes supported by ERP systems developed by high automated and internal units in the Fermator DMT plant, and gain knowledge of Fermator’s Compact and Elite series.

After the Fermator DMT plant tour, we had lunch at Mas Folch Restaurant, in full of long and nice conversations, after which we also visited Fermator Technolama plant. The guests found the chance to closely see the Premium series, custom production round doors, down-sliding special glass doors, doors out-of-standard with a high-degree of protection against fire developed in the Fermator Technolama plant, and witnessed that Fermator could present high-tech but also competitive products related to automatic elevator doors, from A to Z, to the market. The plant tour, to which the top management of Fermator was closely related, influenced the guests, who were all sector members.

The day was about to end and it was time to go back to Salou, which is one of the most famous holiday destinations of Spain. We had heard it before so many times. The city with its orange blossom and oceanic smell was full of people for the spring season. The tour team checked in at Hotel Magnolia and enjoyed the city till dinner time.

After the dinner, which was with the participation of Fermator top management team at Castillo de Javier Restaurant, the most popular place of Salou, , the tour group returned to the hotel to rest before leaving for Barcelona.

The next day, after a pleasant bus journey of about an hour and a half, we arrived in Barcelona, the city plan of which was made by the famous architect, Gaudi. Before checking in the hotel, during our Barcelona tour, everyone was highly influenced by Gaudi’s work of art, the magnificent structure, La Sagrada Familia Basilica, the construction of which has been continuing for nearly 150 years. Just after that, we visited Palau Nacionale, called as the Royal Palace, with its splendid architecture one of the most important city structures.

After checking in at Palao Nacional Hotel, our team was divided into groups for shopping and entertainment in Barcelona’s famous shopping street La Rambla and Diogonal Boulevard. Having spent enjoyable moments in the city till the late hours, our group rested at the hotel before their journey on the following day.

The group arrived at the airport on Saturday after an amazing trip. While they were saying good-bye to each other, there was only one question on their minds: When is the next journey?