Aybey Electronics Receives “R&D Center” Certificate

DateNovember-December 2018 Print

Aybey Electronics, which makes production in the field of elevator control systems, has received R&D Center Certificate from the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Continuously increasing its investments in R&D applications, Aybey Electronics has received the R&D center certificate from the Ministry of Industry and Technology as of April.

Yasemin Çoban, Technical Manager of the Company, stated that “Providing the development of industrial skills and ability, to realize projects that will increase our competitiveness in the international market and provide power to the elevator sector and Turkish Economy, is one of the biggest targets of our company.”

Aybey Electronics, which stands out with its export to 54 different countries around the world, increases the export of the products by researching and developing the products that are in demand in the target markets. The company, which performs national production, aims to continue its investments in its R&D center with the innovative solutions it provides with 120 employees in elevator electronics. Founded in 1993, Aybey Electronics has put its signature under successful projects in the elevator industry in order to fully meet different market requirements, various elevator applications and changing elevator regulations.