Attach Importance to Your Safety; Modernize Your Elevator...

DateNovember-December, 2017 Yiğit Güray - KONE Türkiye Modernizasyon Direktörü Print

No matter how well your elevator or escalators are maintained, ultimately this equipment will require modernization or modification. A well-planned modernization ensures that your equipment continues to operate safely, conforms to the latest safety standards and has features that complement your building’s design. At KONE, a pioneer in elevator, escalator and turnstile solutions, we perform the modernization of all devices that provide in-building access, in stages defined as planning, assembling and commissioning, with our Care for Life™ service.


For modernization, we must first examine the state of your equipment and the flow of people in your building, and evaluate the possible modernization options that you can use. Herein, solutions such as modernization of part, modular modernization or complete change come into question. Next, a cost estimate is presented and recommendations on financing are made. Once the contract is signed, the planning process begins with a site visit before the finalization of the modernization plan and the preparation of the necessary safety procedures.


For each project, a special plan must be developed. After agreeing on the final project schedule, the work area is protected and the assembly process begins. If necessary, working hours should be scheduled during times that the equipment usage is low, such as on weekends or even nights, in order to minimize the inconvenience to the passengers. In more extensive modernizations, such as complete change, old equipment must be dismantled and recycled prior to site preparation for the installation. After all the work is done, the site should be cleaned and the last equipment checks should be carried out.


At the last stage, handover procedures are carried out. At this point, information on technical and safety issues must be provided to those concerned. It is also important to provide support for training and third-party audits.

What kind of modernization do you need?

Modernization of Parts

This solution is a fast and low cost way to make small improvements in your elevator. Modernization can involve some parts such as door operators, signaling or lighting systems.

This modernization solution is recommended if your elevator:

  • has noisy doors,
  • uses old and impractical signaling,
  • is more than 10 years old.

Modular Modernization

Modular modernization significantly improves the performance of the elevator by updating all systems. This type of modernization applies to parts such as machines, electrical systems and doors. Modular modernization should be done:

  • If your elevator consumes too much electricity,
  • If it does not stand properly in the floors,
  • If it has a non-practical or outdated interior design,
  • If it is 15-20 years old.

Complete Change

In the case of complete change, the old elevator is completely removed and replaced with a new one installed in the existing shaft. You should seek complete change:

  • If your elevator has a small and narrow cab,
  • If shifting between floors or takes a long time,
  • If it breaks down frequently or gives other problems,
  • If it is 25 years old or older.

What Advantages Does Modernization Provide You?


A modernized elevator does its job better. The newest elevators have less waiting time and fewer faults. With a new and up-to-date elevator control unit, as well as long-lasting and energy-saving state-of-the-art hoists, less repair is required. With reliable, stylish and easy-to-use elevator doors and signaling systems, modernization means a more comfortable elevator.


Security should take the highest priority. Innovative improvements make your equipment safer. Modernization provides further safety for you and your passengers. You can take the advantage of enhanced safety features in a variety of areas, thanks to better elevator-car doors, precision alignment between the platform floor and the elevator-car floor, improved lighting offering better visibility and a sense of security, a duplex communication system in the cab, emergency power supply for power failures and more.


A good level of accessibility should be one of the main properties of an elevator. For example, you can have up to 50 percent more space in your elevator cabin with the full elevator change solution we offer at KONE. Thanks to our modernization solutions, you can have doors opening wider to facilitate access by wheelchair or pushchair. Effortless and smooth flow of people enhances the quality of life for everyone in your building.

A more aesthetic appearance

An aesthetic elevator enhances your building and makes the use of the elevator a pleasant experience. You can convert your old elevator into a modern elevator as part of the modernization project. Without increasing the weight of the elevator, you can renew it with the stylish, sturdy and easy-to-clean materials.


Modernization can greatly improve the eco-efficiency of your elevator. For example, we offer the energy-saving KONE EcoDisc® motor, which has gear drive systems and uses less energy than two-speed friction drive or hydraulic elevators. In addition to our energy-saving LED lighting systems in the cab, our energy-saving elevator drive system, which collects excess braking energy and sends it back to the power supply network, comes to the forefront with its advantages. We also offer stand-by options that allow the cab to automatically enter the energy-saving mode when the elevator is not in use.