ASFED's Board Meeting is Held in Eskişehir With in the Scope of the “Anatolian Meetings of Industry“ Event

DateSeptember-October 2018 Print

ASFED (Elevator Industrialists' Federation) held its bimonthly board meeting and "Anatolian Meetings of Industry" event hosted by TEPE Elevator and SITIMEK Elevator on 14 July 2018 in Eskişehir.

Holding each meeting in a different city in order to meet elevator industrialists and assess the industry by visiting the association members of the federation, ASFED organized its board meeting with a broad participation in Eskişehir.

ASFED Board Members came together to assess their busy agenda at the seminar hall of TEPE Elevator. Erdem Taylanlı from CNR Holding Fuarcılık (Fair Organization) was at the meeting to make a presentation about the developments related to the fair, along with the board members.

The Main Agenda is the Case Opened by ASFED

The main point of the meeting was discussing the case opened by ASFED for the cancellation of Periodical Elevator Control Regulation announced on 4 May 2018 by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

At the meeting, ASFED's attorney, Zeynep Tepegöz, informed the Board Members about the issue and told that ASFED filed an annulment action for the regulation on 2 July 2018 before the end of the 60-day period after the regulation announcement. She added that while a great number of institutions and corporations were complaining about this issue, the first step was taken by ASFED, which was the only one to file suit.

According to the explanations made by Zeynep Tepegöz; ANASDER (Anatolian Elevator Industrialists' Association), BURSAD (Bursa Elevator Industrialists' Association) and AKASDER (Mediterranean Elevator and Escalator Industrialists and Businessmen Association) became a party to the legal proceedings together with ASFED in order to gain the majority during the representation.

CNR Eurasia Fair will be the biggest fair of Europe, after the elevator fair INTERLIFT

After the meetings on ASFED’s continuous industrial projects, Erdem Taylanlı from CNR Holding Fair spoke on the latest developments of Eurasia Elevator Fair, to be held in March 2019. Taylanlı said that this year the fair will come to the forefront in this competition and will attract a record participation. Stating that a significant increase in the number of both domestic and international participants and visitors is expected, he added the fair arena will be moved to a 50,000-m2 area. Taylanlı also added that the 2019 fair will be the summit and in addition, CNR Eurasia Elevator Fair will be the biggest elevator fair of Europe, after INTERLIFT.

After the meeting, ASFED Board Chairman Yusuf Atik and the accompanying delegation were informed about the plant by TEPE Elevator Board Chairman Sinan Tepe while visiting the facility. After that, Yusuf Atik conveyed his thanks to Sinan Tepe on behalf of ASFED, gave him a thank you plaque, and a photo was taken with all participants.

TEPE Elevator Board Chairman Sinan Tepe, TEPE Elevator General Manager Selda Tepe, Serdar Tepe, SİTİMEK Elevator Board Chairman Ekrem Boyacıoğlu, SİTİMEK General Manager Nermin Boyacıoğlu, ESASDER Board Chairman İbrahim Özçakır, ASFED General Secretary Hüsnü Gökgöz, ASFED Board Members Nuri Kuzan, Cem Bozdağ, Mustafa Uçar, Sabahattin Baki, Muzaffer Hızarcı, Muharrem Ödemiş, ASFED Education Committee Member Rasime Sazak, ASFED Managing Director Gülay Pala and İsmail Yiğit were among the delegations participating in the meeting.