ASFED Training Seminars Continue Without Slowing Down

DateApril-May, 2017 Print

The Elevator Industrialist’s Federation (ASFED) is continuing its training seminars across Turkey without slowing down in 2017. So far, seminars have been held on February 2 in Mersin, on March 6 in Bursa and on March 29 in Kayseri. The next stop for the seminars will be in Trabzon on May 10, 2017.

All elevators to be put into service as of September 1, 2017 have to comply with new standards. In this regard, ASFED continues to inform the industry and aims to carry out these seminars in all cities where associations that are subsidiaries of the federation are located by preparing training programs and presenting seminars across the country.

The first stop of ASFED in Mersin focused on a range of changes in passenger and freight elevators necessitated by EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 standards. The seminar, organized by the Mersin Elevator Industrialists’ Association and led by mechanical engineer Fehmi Pireci. Changes brought by the new standards were explained to elevator manufacturers from Mersin. The event was held at the meeting hall of the Mersin Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and was well-attended. It was decided at the event, which raised the awareness of elevator maintenance companies, that it would be repeated upon the request of the companies.

New Standards explained to elevator manufacturers in Bursa

Next, the training seminars went to Bursa, where developments in the industry, technical subjects and standards were explained. At the session organized by Bursa Elevator Industrialists’ Association (BURSAD) and ASFED jointly, Pireci told the elevator manufacturers about “Technical Regulations Coming with TS EN 81-20/50 Elevator Standards.” The seminar was held at the Has Asansör Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, and attracted a great interest.

The third stop for training seminars was held in Kayseri. Held in conjunction with the Kayseri Elevator and Escalator Industrialists’ Association (KAYSAD), the event took place at the Kayseri Chamber of Industry. Charged by ASFED, Pireci told the representatives of the industry there that the TS EN 81-20/50 standard, which will be implemented simultaneously in Europe, will bring significant benefits in terms of accessibility and safety for both maintenance staff and passenger. It was emphasized that all elevators that have a Declaration of Conformity issued and signed as of September 1, 2017 and later must comply with the new standards.

New standards bring new requirements related to passengers, such as protection against unexpected movement of the car while the door is open, prevention of doors hitting passengers as they get on and off the elevator, increasing the strength conditions of the landing areas, car doors and car walls, and increasing passenger safety, and accessibility and lighting levels. Standards also include of higher lighting levels for the elevator pit, strict measures against the risk of squeezing in the safety area, car roofs or elevator pits, and updated measures for guardrails on the car roof. The standards also prescribe new safety conditions for service technicians.

Next stop of the training will be Trabzon. A huge participation, as in the other cities, is expected for the event, which will be held on May 10.