ANASDER Continues its Training Sessions

DateSeptember-October 2018 Print

The new administration of the Anatolian Elevators Association brought members together for two training sessions held in June and July, right after the first Training on Legislation in May.

The new management appointed on 31 March 2018 held its first Legislation Training in May, and after that, second seminar was held on 29 June 2018 at the association's main center in Ankara.

Nearly 50 association members participated in the second seminar titled "TS EN 81-20 Standard Training". The opening speech of the training was performed by Board Member Arif Bar.

The trainer at the session held under the sponsorship of ANASDER Member Ünsan Elevator (OrionLift) was once again Electrical Electronics Engineer Murat Demir from Ünsan Asansör.

The half-day seminar was about the changes and in-field applications of the TS EN 81-20 standard, effectuated on 1 September 2017. While the first two sessions focused in a detailed way on the changes of the standard, the last session was in question-answer format.

At the end of the training, Murat Demir received a plaque, and the participants, a certificate.

Anasder was held another training, on "TS EN 81/28 Remote Alarm on Passenger and Goods Lifts on 17 July 2018 at the association center.

After ANASDER Board Member Arif Bar’s opening speech, ANASDER member Mechanical Engineer İbrahim Özçakır made a presentation at the half-day training session, which was held under the sponsorship of BMR Electronics and saw the participation of 50 people.

At the end of the training event, Board Chairman of ANASDER, Mustafa Demirbağ, gave a plaque to İbrahim Özçakır for his contributions. Moreover, all participants took souvenir photos at the terrace of the association.