6 m/s Kone Passenger Elevator in Süzer Plaza

DateMarch-February 2019 by Bekir Sarıyaprak Print

The 34-storey Süzer Plaza located in Şişli province in İstanbul was named Gökkafes (Sky Lattice) to the public when it first opened in 1998. Apartments, offices and a hotel are present in the 154-meter building.

KONE delivered a 6 m/s speed KONE Minispace Passenger Elevator in 2011 to Süzer Plaza, which is located right at the center of the city. This KDH-controlled Minispace Elevator can carry passengers and loads up to 1,800 kgs and it is monitored 24/7 with the E-link system. This high-speed elevator, which has served for many years, was deemed worthy of an award in the best maintenance category last year by Liftinstituut Solutions.

Further Information on the Elevator

  • A4 Passenger Elevator serves between P3 and the 18th floor.
  • P3-P2-Ground Floor-2-3-4-5-15-16-17-18
  • There is no EBD system. A generator is present.
  • E-link is in the automatization process.
  • The elevator group is A3-A4.
  • A card reader is present. The card reader system provides access only to 5-15-16-17-18th floors.

Technicial Specifications

  • Delivery date: 31.12.2011
  • Rated Load(Q): 1800 KG.
  • Rated Speed(m/s): 6.00
  • Elevator Code: PT24/60-19
  • Shaft travel height: 94.150 mm
  • Machine Model: MX40
  • Number of hoist ropes: 7
  • Suspension ratio: 1:1
  • Drive Type: KDH180D
  • Traction Sheave diameter: 1000 mm
  • Machine motor Fan: 4X270W fans
  • Overspeed regulator type: OL100
  • Overspeed regulation rope diameter: 8 mm
  • Car Guide Rail type: T127-2/B
  • CW Guide Rail type: T125/B
  • Number of floors served: 13
  • Number of floors total: 17
  • Travelling cable lenght: 127 meters
  • Elevator in group: 2 (2 li grup içinde çalışmaktadır)
  • Hoist Rope Diameter: 16 mm
  • Hoist rope lenght: 127 meters
  • Hoist Rope Type: PAWO F3 D16
  • Hoist Rope number: 7
  • Car OSG Rope lenght: 230 meters
  • Compensation Rope Type: PAWO F819 S-FE D16
  • Compensation Rope lenght: 125 meters
  • Compensation rope diameter: 16 mm

Addıtıonal Maıntanance Modules To Standard Kone Maıntanance

  • Modular maintenance is carried out.
  • In addition to standard maintenance modules:
  • Ride Confort Module
  • Safety Check module
  • Pit check module
  • Rope inspection module
  • Rope Lubrication module
  • Emergency battery replacement module
  • MX brake-replacement alert module
  • Rope-replacement alert module
  • Contactor-replacement alert module
  • Customer visit modules are present.

The additional maintenance is different for high-rise, high-speed elevator maintenance from low-speed elevators.

Maintenance Details

The points to take into consideration with KDH units:

Experienced, top-level mechanic who is knowledgeable about the service and maintenance work is required.

The elevators are controlled by double servers. Therefore, the cleaning of the board and the internal cleaning of the equipment within the board is essential in order to increase the life of the servers.

Vacuum-type dusting equipment is required.1

It is critical to control that the cable tensions are equal.

Cleaning of the pulleys in the compensation system is important.

Car floor leveling is very important and it is fully digitized, not mechanical. This allows for car-leveling malfunctions to be reduced.

The encoder system on the car is mechanical. Keeping the system calibrated directly affects the elevator efficiency.

The elevator has been in operation since 2011, and there have been very few malfunction calls. From this, the positive effect of the MX40 motor structure can be observed.

The endurance of the floor- and car-door mechanisms lasts a long time.

Since the number of malfunctions is very few, the elevators seem to have been forgotten except during regular maintenance operation.

Suzer Plaza Applications

The elevators are controlled 24/7 with E-link.

The purpose of the additional maintenance applications is to satisfy customer expectations.

There is a stationary mechanic. The mechanic is always at the project site. This promotes the perception of high-level maintenance and service.

Information about maintenance and service is constantly provided to the customer official through the system by email.

The customer is regularly informed by the teams organized to carry out the periodical additional cleaning procedures.