New Elevator World Turkey Application Now in Stores

Date June 2016 Print

As ELEVATOR WORLD TURKEY Magazine, we have brought our magazine into Appstore and Google Play applications for our first anniversary. By means of new applications, we are aiming at reaching more readers abroad in particular.

When we first told you about our Magazine ELEVATOR WORLD TURKEY in April 2015, there were some issues we overemphasized. We promised that we would become a publication with enough strength to raise the bar of rapidly-improving Turkish elevator industry to a higher level, which relates the most important industry-related issues from an independent point of view and is highly-qualified and innovative. With the seven issues we have released until now, we have won great recognition and in May 2016, we concluded a year of publication life. For our first anniversary, we have brought our magazine into Appstore and Google Play applications. By this way, you can freely download and read our magazine from Appstore and Google Play. Thanks to this new application, you will take the opportunity to read not only Elevator World Turkey but also other free magazines incorporated by our publishing group. Once you download the magazines into your device, you will also have the chance to read them offline. Again through this application, you can purchase books, gain access to our social media accounts or send us an e-mail.

More people able to see the banner ads

Our new application by which we aim to reach more people abroad in particular also offers new opportunities for companies intending to have coverage on digital media through advertising channel. Among those opportunities are Top Banner ads, ad inserting on platforms or adding videos to ads.